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Dropping Drug Charges in Ocean City

When it comes to dropping drug charges in Ocean City, be sure to contact a skilled attorney to learn more about the possibility. While it is not typical, there are certain scenarios in which it can be achieved with the help of an experienced lawyer. By addressing situations such as constitutional violations or missing prescriptions, a lawyer can be extremely helpful in potentially convincing a prosecutor or a judge to drop the charges facing the defendant.

Possible Reasons for Dismissal

Though not common, there are a number of possible scenarios wherein the prosecution may agree to dropping drug charges in Ocean City. For example, if someone is stopped and found to be carrying prescription medication but not the prescription itself or the properly labeled container on their person, then generally speaking, they will be charged. However, they will have the opportunity to have that charge dismissed if they provide the prescription and can prove that a doctor prescribed that medication to them. That is a typical scenario in which charges would eventually be dropped.

Other times, it has happened that there is a case of mistaken identity. If that is brought to the attention of the prosecutor right away, they will most likely end up dropping drug charges in Ocean City. If the police arrested the wrong person, it is possible that that case may be dropped.

That said, these cases are rare and it is important to understand that the majority of the time, once charged, a case is going to have to go all the way to the trial date before there is any sort of disposition made. This applies even if the state were to decide that they are going to be dropping the charges. Oftentimes it may take until the trial date before that decision is made.

Constitutional Violations by Law Enforcement

When it comes to dropping drug charges in Ocean City, oftentimes it is going to brought up by the defense when law enforcement violates the Fourth or Fifth Amendment when seizing the evidence. This is because the majority of the time it will not be a question of mistaken identity or an alibi, because officers tend to arrest suspects onsite with the drugs.

However, it could be that in the course of their investigation and their seizure of the drugs, they actually violated the constitutional rights of the person they were pursuing. If a defense attorney makes that argument and a judge agrees, then the remedy is that the drugs are suppressed and they cannot be used against the person in the trial against them.

Those scenarios do take place and there are some interesting appellate cases that come out of Ocean City every couple of years.

Importance of Contacting a Defense Attorney Immediately

If someone finds themselves facing charges, it is essential to reach out to a lawyer as soon as possible. This is because there are some things that an attorney can help a person deal with immediately. For example, an attorney will be especially valuable if and when the police wish to interview a suspect, asking questions that, without professional guidance, may lead said person to accidentally incriminate themselves or at least make it much easier for the prosecution to gain a conviction.

An attorney will be well equipped to provide proper advice that helps protect their clients, ensuring that they do not say something that can then be used against them in court. That is the sort of advice that an attorney can give clients that could, in the long run, be incredibly helpful to them. Essentially, a lawyer serves as a representative, guide, and advisor through what can often be an intimidating and lengthy legal process.