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Ocean City DUI Attorney

Maryland has two categories of intoxicated driving offenses: DUI and DWI. Maryland DUIs can result in more serious penalties. An Ocean City DUI lawyer can help you try to avoid those penalties by being found not guilty or by plea bargaining down the charges or negotiating with the prosecutor for a more lenient sentence. To learn more, contact a DUI lawyer in Ocean City today for help.

How an Ocean City DUI Lawyer Can Help

An Ocean City DUI lawyer can sometimes get a prosecutor to drop the charges before the case goes to trial if there’s not enough evidence to prove guilt. When evidence was obtained in violation of your Fourth Amendment rights, it cannot be used in court against you and your attorney can motion the court to suppress it.
A lawyer with DUI experience can also help explore defenses, including a rising BAC defense. Your blood alcohol levels go up even after you aren’t drinking any more. If there was a time gap before your test was administered, your BAC may have been under-the-limit while driving but over-the-limit during testing.
Other options for responding to charges include questioning the training of the person who tested your BAC, questioning how evidence was handled, and otherwise making the jury doubt some aspect of the prosecutor’s case so guilt can’t be proved. To learn more, contact a DUI lawyer in Ocean City today.

Ocean City DUI Charges

Maryland Transportation Code Section 21-902


  • DUI- Driving, or attempting to drive, under the influence of alcohol.
  • DUI Per Se- Driving with a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of .08 or higher
  • DUI while transporting a minor.
  • DWI- Driving, or attempting to drive, while impaired by alcohol
  • DWI while transporting a minor
  • Driving while impaired by any drugs

A prosecutor who wishes to secure a guilty verdict for any of DUI related offense will need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a defendant had too much to drink, or used too many drugs to operate a vehicle safely. Evidence from a breath test or blood test can be used by a prosecutor, as can statements a defendant makes when talking to police and testimony of law enforcement officers.
Even when a prosecutor has the results of a chemical test showing an elevated BAC, this does not mean that conviction is guaranteed or even likely. An Ocean City DUI lawyer can help defendants accused of driving under the influence fight against conviction even with test results showing a BAC over-the-limit. Mistakes can be made, evidence improperly handled, and myriad other problems can prevent these tests from being effectively used by a prosecutor to convince a jury that the law was broken. If facing charges beyond DUI consult with an Ocean City criminal lawyer to discuss your case.

Penalties for DUI in Ocean City

Approaching your case strategically is a smart choice when charged with a DUI crime because the court system often imposes harsh penalties.
A first offense DUI can lead to a $1,000 fine, a year in jail, a six-month license suspension, and 12 demerit points on a license. Second and subsequent offenses can lead to larger fines and longer potential imprisonment. A third offense, for example, could result in as long as three years incarceration, a $3,000 fine, and the loss of a license for 18-months.
A not guilty verdict allows you to avoid all of these penalties, while a plea bargain can lessen the severity of the charges and result in reduced consequences. A DUI lawyer in Ocean City will work hard to win your case or get you the most reasonable possible plea agreement, depending upon how you want to handle the charges.

Contact an Ocean City DUI Lawyer Today

If you have been pulled over and accused of driving under the influence in Maryland it’s important that you contact an Ocean City DUI lawyer as soon as possible. Due to the potentially severe consequences of a DUI conviction you don’t want to face the judicial system alone. Call today for a free consultation.