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After a DUI Arrest in Ocean City

Upon arrest for a DUI in Ocean City, a person will be taken to the public safety building on 65th street where they will be processed. There’s the possibility that they could be released to a sober driver if they call somebody, and somebody comes and picks them up.

Worst case scenario, they have to stay and be seen by district court commissioner or a judge at the very next day that there is a judge on the bench.

When Should You Contact an Attorney for a DUI Case?

Immediately. They would have the opportunity to do that when they are taken to the public safety building. They will be given the opportunity to speak with the attorney before they decide whether or not to take the breath test.

And that’s a critical decision to be made because a driver needs to be advised as to what’s all the potential issues could be. That’s a very difficult conversation to have with somebody who is being held at the public safety building and attempting to get in touch with their attorney.

The attorney is, at that point, trying to have a conversation with them. Because the conversation is typically not in private so there is a very good possibility that there are police officers standing very close to the driver.

It’s all about trying to get information as to how much have they had to drink, what is the likely result if they take a breath test. If they take a breath test, and there is a good chance they’re going to blow over anywhere close to .08, they need to understand that by taking the breath test, they are giving the state a huge piece of evidence to use against them at trial.

However, if they refuse to take the test, if they are Maryland driver, they have to understand that there is going to be significant consequences from the MVA for their refusal to take the test.

So you know, it’s an important conversation to have with somebody — my suggestion is they should ask to speak to their attorney right away.