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Ocean City Sex Crimes Lawyer

An Ocean City sex crimes lawyer can provide you with legal representation after accusations are made against you.  Sex crimes cases are among the most complicated claims in the legal system because they often come down to questions of whose version of the truth is the accurate one.  A sex crimes lawyer in Ocean City can help you work hard to put together a strong case to try to convince the jury to believe your version of events.

Working with a Dedicated Criminal Defense Attorney

There are a number of different defenses to sex crimes charges, ranging from consent for certain offenses to mistaken identity or false accusations.  Choosing the right approach when responding to accusations of sex offenses can be difficult.  You deserve to have a skilled, passionate, and informed advocate to help you decide how to deal with the serious charges you are facing.
An Ocean City sex crimes attorney with experience representing defendant can provide you with guidance so you can make informed choices throughout the criminal process.  Your lawyer will represent you at each step of your case, from asking the court to suppress evidence obtained in illegal searches to investigating the facts to questioning witnesses to presenting your story at trial. The goal is to help you get the best outcome you can under the circumstances, either by winning a not guilty verdict or making a favorable plea deal.

Sex Crimes in Ocean City

A defendant can be charged with a sex crime any time he or she is accused of engaging in sexual behavior with someone who did not give consent or who cannot give consent due to age, physical handicap, or mental handicap.  Sex crimes in Ocean City include:

  • Rape and attempted rape
  • Sexual assault offenses and attempted sexual offenses
  • Sex acts involving incest
  • Sex acts with minors
  • Child pornography

The primary difference between rape offenses and sexual assault offenses is that rape involves penetration while sexual assault offenses involve other sexual acts.  To get a conviction for any rape or assault offense, a prosecutor must prove that a defendant engaged in unwanted sexual behavior.
Consent is a defense, except in cases where the sexual acts involved someone underage.  However, the defendant’s age also matters.  If the minor is at least 14 years old, there are no criminal penalties for consensual sexual contact unless the defendant is at least four years older.
Many sex crimes in Ocean City can result in jail time, as well as required registration on the sex offender registry.  The most serious penalties are typically reserved for sex acts that allegedly involved a minor or for sex acts that allegedly involved violence.  Penalties can be avoided with a not guilty verdict, or may be reduced in certain cases with a successful plea agreement.

Retain An Ocean City Sex Crimes Lawyer

Defendants must be viewed as innocent until proven guilty of all sex crimes.  An Ocean City sex crimes lawyer works hard to help protect your Constitutional rights and to ensure you benefit from all legal protections within the United States Justice system.
Your Ocean City sex crimes lawyer can be there to advise you and try to protect your rights when you are questioned, during arraignment, when you decide how to plead, and when your case is decided in trial or through the negotiation of a plea agreement.
To learn more about how an Ocean City sex crimes lawyer can help with the charges brought against you, give us a call today.