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Ocean City Traffic Stops

Ocean City traffic stops can occur for a number of reasons. Most times, someone is stopped for a traffic violation. Depending on the alleged offense, the driver may face charges and consequences or may simply receive a ticket. Speaking with a distinguished traffic attorney to learn about how to handle your specific case could make a difference in the outcome of your offense.

A lawyer has the experience and understanding of local traffic laws that could help you prepare for a trial should you face serious charges. They can help you collect necessary evidence such as witnesses and surveillance videos should that be necessary. Contact an attorney to begin assessing how to protect your rights.

What is the Role of the Driver When Being Pulled Over by Law Enforcement?

There are a few expected behaviors associated with Ocean City traffic stops. In general, when a person hears sirens, it means that they should slow down and be mindful of their surroundings and try to determine if the officer is trying to pull them over or is there something else the officer is doing. If there is no shoulder, they can turn on their signal to show that they are trying to pull over. Maybe they could even wave their hands to just notify the officer with just hand gestures to let the officer know that they are acknowledging that the officer is trying to engage with them.

Expectations for Ocean City Traffic Stops

Once the officer stops a driver, the officer will approach the car and ask for license and registration which the person should provide. Then the driver will wait for the officer to then produce a ticket. The officer may ask a few questions that the person can answer if they so choose, and then the officer will hand them a ticket. Then the person will have 30 days to post bond either by requesting a hearing or just paying the ticket outright if the ticket can actually be paid.

Understanding the Officer’s Role When Stopping Someone on the Road

When the officer approaches a vehicle, they will likely ask the driver for their license and registration. The officer might ask if the person knows why they are being pulled over and so on. The officer may go back to their car, run everything through a system just to confirm and then come back with a ticket.

An officer will ask the person because they want them to acknowledge why they were stopped and what happened. If a person agrees they were speeding but decides to have a trial, the officer could testify that the driver admitted they were speeding when they pulled them over.

Expected Driver Conduct

The driver could choose not to answer the officer’s questions. However, this decision may depend on how they plan on handling their stop or the charges that follow. When the officer approaches the vehicle, the driver should put their hands where they are visible. Expectations for Ocean City traffic stops should not include exiting the car unless asked to do so.

Individuals can ask to see the officer’s badge number, however, the officer’s badge number would also be on the citation. They can ask for anything that they think is necessary but it would just prolong the stop. It is important to just keep quiet and answer the questions in a manner that does not create more trouble but is deemed appropriate and non-combative.

How to Handle Unmarked Vehicles and Night Stops

During Ocean City traffic stops, drivers may want to pull over to somewhere where there is good lighting. Drivers should avoid playing loud music and turn off the car because sometimes people forget that they just have their foot on the brake and the car starts to roll. The goal of the driver should be to make the stop as easy possible for the officer.

It would be very rare for an officer to pull someone over if they are in plain clothes. Officers in plain clothes with un-marked cars are not likely to stop people because it makes it really messy. However, if a person is being stopped by an officer in plain clothes, the person has the right to call the local police and as them to verify that the officer is a legitimate officer on duty

Ocean City Traffic Stops