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Rockville Domestic Violence Lawyer

If you are facing allegations of domestic assault, you are facing an assault-related charge that can carry additional penalties and legal proceedings (such civil protection orders). To learn more about the different aspects of the charges, possible penalties, and how an attorney in Rockville can begin preparing your defense, schedule a free consultation with a Rockville domestic violence lawyer today.

Some of the most common types of assault charges are either charges that take place because people got into a fight, often at a bar or motivated by alcohol, a sporting event or some other social function.

However, the other most common type of assault is domestic violence situations where a couple gets into a dispute of some kind. One party might have significantly abused or threatened to abuse another party and assault charges would’ve resulted from that interaction.

Domestic Violence as an Assault-Related Charge

Domestic violence is considered an assault crime. As a Rockville domestic violence attorney can tell you, it can fall under assault second degree or assault first degree depending on what the facts are. Domestic violence assault charges are treated differently than regular non-domestic assault charges. They are handed by a special prosecutors unit, trained specifically to only handle domestic violence type cases.

These units have special training on how to deal with the witnesses, victims, evidence, all of the things that are associated with the domestic violence assault case. The prosecution and the method of prosecution of those cases result in completely different outcomes than non-domestic violence assault cases.

Non-Assault Domestic Violence Charges

There are domestic violence crimes outside of assault. The most common types of domestic violence crimes you would see outside of assault are reckless endangerment, potential endangerment of another through alcoholic beverage intoxication and a violation of any existing protective or peace orders. To learn more about how the protective orders may play into your case, contact a Rockville domestic violence attorney.

Sex Crime-Related Domestic Violence Charges

Sex crimes are absolutely considered domestic violence in Rockville if they are within a domestic setting, and it could be wise to reach out to an attorney. So, if sex crimes took place between family members or people that lived in the same residence they would certainly fall under domestic violence and be prosecuted by that unit of the Maryland State’s Attorney’s Office.

Long-Term Implications of a Domestic Violence Charge

Being found guilty of domestic violence results in more than just jail time and high fines. A domestic violence conviction will show up on future background checks, making it difficult to obtain certain professional licenses, employment, and housing.

Non-citizens who are convicted of domestic violence can find themselves facing the risk of deportation. In some cases, they can be permanently barred from re-entry, citizenship, or a green card, based on the facts of their particular case.

Additionally, a domestic violence conviction usually disqualifies someone from renewing their security clearance. Anyone facing domestic violence charges in Rockville should reach out to a talented defense attorney for representation.

A Rockville Domestic Violence Attorney Can Help

Domestic violence charges can be accompanied by orders that may limit your ability to see your family, and they can also have repercussions for custody of children, and the ability to own a handgun. Contact a Rockville domestic violence lawyer and start planning your defense.

Rockville Domestic Violence Lawyer