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License Suspensions from Second Offense DUIs in Rockville

In addition to any criminal penalties and fines that may be issued, you may also face a lengthy suspension of your license if charged with a DUI offense. The following is information on how long you could potentially lose your license following a second DUI and how the process of challenging a DUI differs from that of a first offense. To learn more about the penalties you could face for a second DUI offense in Rockville, consult with a DUI lawyer today.

License Penalties For a 2nd DUI Offense

Your driver’s license is subjected to a different punishment for a second offense than it would be for a first offense. Additionally, if you have an alcohol level of .08 to .14 in your second offense, you will typically face much lengthier suspension of your privilege to drive than the 45 days of suspension for the first offense. You will also not be in the same position to get any modification of the license suspension for work purposes, or for other necessary reasons, that you would for a first offense.

If you have an alcohol concentration level of .15 or above, you will face up to 6 months suspension instead of a 90-day suspension. If you have a refusal, you could face up to a year suspension of your driving privilege for your second offense.

Challenging A License Suspension After a Second Offense

Challenging the suspension of a license for a second offense DUI is the same as for the first offense DUI. The only difference is that your success rate is going to be much lower than with your first offense DUI, because arguments that your attorney might have been able to make on your behalf about a lack of understanding of the documents that were presented to you, or not knowing the proper procedure, may not be applicable for a second offense like they would be for a first. The judges will see that you have a prior context of a similar offense in the recent past, which would make you held to a different standard than somebody who is potentially facing a first offense.

Can You Apply For a Restricted License Following a Second Offense?

You are typically not in a position to apply for a restricted license, because a second offense within 5 years of a first offense would not make you eligible.

Importance of An Attorney

There are a variety of ways in which an attorney can assist you by advocating on your behalf and advising you of what to expect from your specific case. Due to the fact that a second offense carries much harsher penalties than a first offense, and can have much more long term consequences on your license, it is important you take these charges as seriously as possible and consult with an experienced legal representative who has been through this type of case before.

Second Time DUI Charges in Rockville