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Rockville Underage DUI Lawyer

When somebody is under the age of 21, they can still be charged with a DUI. They also fight additional charges, such as driving in violation of a license restriction. When somebody is under the age of 21, their driver’s license will have a restriction on it that states they are under 21 and restricted from consuming alcohol. For that reason police officers will be much more sensitive when they pull over an individual under the age of 21 for a DUI. Speak with a Rockville DUI lawyer to understand more about how underage DUIs are prosecuted.

Case Process for Underage DUI

A case of underage DUI in Rockville is handled by the same court system as long as the person is over the age of 18. If that person is under the age of 18, the case will be handled by the juvenile court system. If they are over the age of 18 but still under the age of 21, it will be handled in the exact same way as for somebody who is over the age of 21. However, judges will be more sensitive to offering particular resolutions in a case with a person under the age of 21, recognizing that they have really broken two laws.

These cases are prosecuted strongly because courts see these violations as two-fold. First, there is the violation for driving under the influence or impaired by alcohol and second, there is the violation of drinking when they are under the age of 21. These cases will be prosecuted very seriously and usually penalties will be more significant when they are under the age of 21. It is important to retain a DUI lawyer with experience practicing in Rockville if you want to fight these charges.

Underage DUI v. Regular DUI in Rockville

One of the major differences of somebody under the age of 21 being pulled over for a DUI compared to when they are over 21 is the blood alcohol concentration level that they can have. Somebody who is over 21 can have some alcohol in their system and may not be charged with an alcohol-related criminal offense. Somebody who is under the age of 21 does not have that same leeway, as they are not permitted to consume alcohol and will be arrested even for the smallest amount of alcohol in their system.

Penalties for Rockville Underage DUI

The penalties for being convicted of a DUI under the age of 21 are exactly the same as when you are over 21. There is a maximum penalty of 12 months in jail, maximum fine of $1000 and a maximum of 12 points on your driving record. However, those under the age of 21 will likely face additional charges for consuming alcohol while under the legal age. A Rockville DUI lawyer can help you through the process, providing information along the way.

Impact of Underage DUI on Driver’s License

Usually the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) will require that individual to come to the MVA for a hearing on their driving privileges. The MVA is going to be extremely sensitive to these drivers because they are restricted from consuming alcohol as they are under the age of 21. There may be sanctions like suspensions, or simple reprimands, depending on how serious the DUI allegations are against them.

Obtaining a Restricted License

When someone’s blood alcohol concentration level is below a .15, it will be more likely they will get a restricted driver’s license than if the alcohol level is .15 or higher. If their BAC is above .15, they will absolutely not get a restricted driver’s license and will have to participate in the ignition interlock program. However, the administrative judges at the MVA have more leeway to deny restricted driver’s license for people who are under the age of 21 because of the concerns based on their age. To learn more about restricted licenses following a DUI, contact a Rockville DUI attorney.

Rockville Underage DUI Lawyer