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Impact of Rockville Underage DUI

In Maryland, driving under the influence cases are a high priority. Prosecutors and local law enforcement officials are trying to discourage people from getting behind the wheel after they’ve had alcohol, and thus dole out harsh punishments for those who are charged and/or convicted. For those who are under the age of 21 and are facing DUI charges, the impact can be multi-fold. Someone who has been charged with a DUI while under the age of 21 will likely face additional criminal charges for consuming alcohol while under the legal age, and they could face harsh recriminations from their university. Speak with a Rockville underage DUI lawyer today to discuss options and how to move forward.

Immediate & Long-Term Impact

An underage DUI can impact a person’s future because it’s a criminal charge that a person might have complications with in terms of incarceration or an extended period of probation. They can also face issues with their driver’s license. Young people in particular may have to report these charges to their employer or the institution where they attend school. If they are attending a graduate school where they will be applying for a professional license in medicine, law, or accounting, for example, they might also see an impact. Conviction for driving under the influence or driving while impaired by alcohol when under the age of 21 can impact you for the long-term.

Effect on University Students’ Status

Universities have their own determinations of what is and what is not required of their students, but some universities may require an individual charged with or convicted of a DUI to report that charge to the court system. This is completely dependent on each university’s policy as to DUI offenses. It can result in disciplinary action by the university community and can be placed on a person’s permanent transcript through the university as a violation of their disciplinary code.

Case Process for Rockville Underage DUI Charges

It is possible that the university will allow for a hearing to take place so that they can evaluate how best to resolve such a disciplinary issue. A Rockville DUI attorney can be helpful in these proceedings. They can help resolve issues such as having investigations completely expunged or modifying very serious penalties like expulsion or suspension into simply having an individual attend an alcohol education program in exchange for the university not pursuing any further action.
Alternatives to jail for an underage individual include being placed on a period of probation, or being asked to do community service or enroll in some kind of alcohol education program or do a combination of all of these. This is dependent on the judge who reviews the facts and what the judge thinks is the appropriate resolution for the case based on these facts.

What Parents Can Expect About Underage DUI Charges in Rockville

Parents should be aware that while the DUI charges are not going to be catastrophic, particularly as first time offenses for young people, they can be very serious. Children are likely to be asked to participate in some kind of alcohol education program. They will likely be asked to do some kind of community service through the court system and possibly be placed on a period of probation by the court.

Only in the rarest of circumstances will somebody, particularly if they don’t have a criminal background, be sent to jail for a first time DUI. That might occur when the alcohol level is exceptionally high, they were involved in a very serious car accident and that car accident might have injured other people who were present during the course of the violation.

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