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Rockville Reckless Driving Lawyer

Reckless driving refers to the act of operating a vehicle in a manner that is or seems to be willful or deliberate and puts the safety of a person or a property in danger. This type of charge is rather broad and open to interpretation. If an officer believes an individual’s driving conduct presents a danger to the public, that person can be cited for reckless driving.

Examples of reckless driving include weaving in and out traffic, driving on the shoulder, tailgating, ignoring traffic signs and signals, speeding 25 miles per hour over the posted limit, participating in a speed contest, and illegally passing another vehicle.

If you are facing charges, you should contact a Rockville reckless driving attorney as soon as possible. An experienced defense attorney can help to build a defense to your charges.

Differences Between Reckless and a Speeding Ticket

It is important to note that a reckless driving citation is not simply a speeding citation, although speeding can lead to a person receiving a reckless driving charge.  It is also important to note that an individual cannot be charged with reckless driving for speeding alone. Certain other factors must be present, such as erratic driving or illegal passing, in order for an individual’s driving to be considered unsafe to property or to others.
If a person is charged with speeding, the ticket will cite either Maryland Transportation Article 21-801.1, for exceeding the maximum speed limit, Maryland Transportation Article 21-801(a), for driving a vehicle in excess of a reasonable and prudent speed on a highway. If a person is charged with reckless driving, the ticket will cite Maryland Transportation Article 21-901.1. If unsure of which type of offense you may be facing, it is important to consult with an experienced Rockville reckless driving attorney.


Reckless driving is a payable citation. As such, an individual may pay the fine associated with the citation without appearing in court. However, if they wish to contest the citation, they must submit a request for a hearing to the PO Box in Annapolis, Maryland that is listed on the citation. An individual must either pay the associated fine or request a hearing within 30 days of receiving the citation.


Reckless driving is a serious offense that is associated with significant penalties. An individual who is convinced of reckless driving can be fined up to $510 and may have up to six points assessed to their driver’s record. An assessment of six points is also associated with a required driver improvement course. Moreover, depending on the number of points that the individual has accumulated, they may have their license suspended or revoked.

Contacting an Attorney

A reckless driving attorney in Rockville who is familiar with local traffic laws and who understands which violations could be considered reckless is an invaluable asset to an individual who has been charged with reckless driving in Rockville.
If such an individual wishes to contest their citation at trial, an attorney can cross-examine the officer who issued the citation and any witnesses who provide testimony. A Rockville reckless driving attorney can also present arguments and defenses on the individual’s behalf. If an individual does not wish to contest their citation at trial, a local attorney can still negotiate with the officer who issued the citation.
In so doing, a Rockville attorney can put their considerable knowledge and experience to work towards achieving the best possible outcome for an individual’s case, including a reduction or dismissal of penalties or even charges.

Rockville Reckless Driving Lawyer