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Rockville County Aggressive Driving Lawyer 

Rockville County aggressive driving lawyers are here to guide a person through a defense. A person can be charged with aggressive driving in Rockville if they commit three or more enumerated violations simultaneously or anytime throughout a continuous period while operating a vehicle.

These violations include exceeding the maximum speed limit, passing a vehicle on the right, following a vehicle too closely, failing to yield right away, violating traffic lights and signs, and overtaking a vehicle unsafely. The penalties for an aggressive driving citation include a fine of $370 and five points on a person’s driver’s record. Contact an experienced lawyer for more information on how you can handle a case.

Aggressive Driving Penalties

An aggressive driving citation is a traffic infraction which means that a person is able to pay the fine amount listed on the citation and not appear in court. Aggressive driving is pretty common in Maryland. Only a few states have passed laws that specifically define in their statutes what aggressive driving is and outlines the violations that can lead up to an aggressive driving citation. The state of Maryland is one of those few states.
The following is what can be considered a violation or an instance in which someone would be pulled over for aggressive driving includes:

  • Exceeding the maximum speed
  • Failing to yield to the right of way
  • Driving in the wrong way
  • Violating the traffic signals or lights
  • Following too closely

A person has to have three of these together to receive aggressive driving. Talk to a Rockville County aggressive driving lawyer for more on penalties.


An aggressive driving charge may look like a speeding ticket because a speeding violation may be one of the three enumerated violations in the statute that will lead up to receiving an aggressive driving citation.

Prosecution of Aggressive Driving Cases

Prosecutors do not handle aggressive driving cases in Rockville. An aggressive driving citation is not a ‘must appear’ citation and, as such, jail is not a potential penalty. Instead, these citations are handled by the officer who issued the person this citation.
The officer will present testimony and evidence in order to prove that the person committed at least three of the enumerated violations. That person will then have the opportunity to ask the officer questions and present testimony and evidence in support of their defense.

Contacting a Rockville County Aggressive Driving Lawyer

A Rockville County aggressive driving lawyer can help because the lawyer will be able to request a hearing and appear at the hearing on a person’s behalf. The lawyer will cross-examine the officer and present arguments which may lead to a person not receiving any points on their driver’s record or their citation being dismissed.

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