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Salisbury Drug DUI Lawyer

It’s important to contact an experienced Salisbury drug DUI lawyer because there are different standards and different evidence that has to be presented for a drug DUI case versus an alcohol DUI case. It can be an asset to retain a Salisbury DUI drug attorney who has experience with drug impairment cases in Maryland. Therefore, if you have been charged consult with a DUI lawyer in Salisbury today.

Drug Impairment and DUI/DWI in Salisbury

You can be charged with a DUI for drug impairment under Maryland law. The drivers are prohibited from driving a car if they are impaired by drugs or a combination of drugs and alcohol. However, there has to be proof that the defendant cannot drive a vehicle safely. That is very different language than the elements of a DUI or a DWI. In order to convict an individual of a DUI the state has to prove that the alcohol has substantially impaired the driver’s normal coordination.

That language is very different from driving while impaired by drugs because the state specifically has to prove that the defendant cannot drive a vehicle safely. It’s important for a Salisbury drug DUI lawyer to pay attention to exactly what the person is being charged with and what the state has to prove. The penalty is not any different but the offenses are very different.

Benefits of a Salisbury Drug DUI Attorney

It’s incredibly important to talk to an experienced Salisbury DUI drug lawyer if the state’s evidence includes one of the drug recognition expert (DRE) police officers because it can help if your attorney understands the training that an officer has to go through in order to be recognized in this DRE field.

You want a drug DUI attorney who knows what that multistep examination is that the officer is supposed to go through. An experienced attorney may be able to tell if the officer followed every single step. Did the officer do anything that would affect the outcome of their evaluation? How many types of evaluations has this police officer performed? These are important questions that may play a role in your case.

Prescription Drugs in DUI Cases

You can be charged with drug-related impairment even if it is a drug that is prescribed to the driver. It could be a drug that the driver bought at the drug store over the counter. So it could be any one of those kinds of medications whether it was prescribed to the individual or whether it’s an over the counter drug. If it impacts the person’s ability to drive a vehicle safely then potentially it could impact, it could lead to them being convicted of driving while impaired by drugs or a combination of drugs and alcohol.

Contact a Drug DUI Lawyer in Salisbury, MD

Schedule a free consultation with an attorney who has had experience with drug recognition experts and the evaluations they use in drug DUI cases. It costs nothing, and you can learn more about the charges you are facing, how to prepare, and what steps you can take to begin building a defense.