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Somerset DUI Lawyer

DUI charges are no laughing matter. If you find yourself caught in a legal battle over driving offenses involving alcohol, seek the advice of a Somerset DUI lawyer. They will take these charges as seriously as you do, and he may be able to help build a strong case in your defense. Call and schedule a consultation today to discuss your case with a trusted criminal defense attorney.

Driving Under The Influence In Somerset County

An experienced Somerset County DUI attorney will be familiar with the circumstances of your arrest. Often, clients are pulled over for unrelated driving offenses, such as speeding or inappropriate lane changes. They never expect to be stopped by a police officer who suspects they have been drinking.

If you are ever in a situation like this, our attorneys often explain that you do not have to tell the police how many drinks you had that night – or divulge any other details that you do not care to relate. Doing so may give the officer even more of a reason to believe you’re intoxicated, which is, of course, the last thing you want.

Unfortunately, it is all too easy to get a DUI charge brought against you in the aforementioned way. An attorney with our firm can explain your options after you have been charged or arrested, but you do not have to say anything to the police before speaking to your attorney.

Those arrested for DUI often have their cases heard before judges at the Somerset County District Court, located at 12155 Elm Street, Suite C, in Princess Anne, Maryland. It is smart to get a highly qualified attorney to go with you to the hearing – otherwise, you may leave your legal rights unprotected.

DUI Penalties

We take the penalties for drunk driving convictions seriously – and you should as well. These consequences can include:

  • Fines
  • Points on a driving record
  • Revocation/suspension of driving privileges
  • Significant jail time

If a client is looking at several different DUI and DWI offenses, they should contact an attorney with our Somerset firm immediately.

Somerset County Courthouse

Somerset County Circuit Court is located at 30512 Prince William Street in Princess Anne, Maryland. Unfortunately, the only parking for the courthouse is on the surrounding streets, as there is no municipal parking lot in the area. There is also no public transportation in the Princess Anne region.
Somerset County District Court is located at 12155 Elm Street in Princess Anne, Maryland. The Somerset County District Court is located in an old strip mall right next to the Curves gym. There is plenty of free parking and the court is extremely easy to find.
For both Somerset County Courthouses, authentic Maryland Eastern Shore cuisine can be found at Peaky’s Restaurant, where they serve delicious dishes ranging from fried chicken to ham salad. Also, in both Somerset County courthouses, cell phones are permitted as long as ringers are disabled.

Driving Directions to District Court

District Court of Maryland
12155 Elm St. Ste C
Princess Anne, MD 21853-1358
Directions from Annapolis:
Take US-50 East over the Bay Bridge. Follow signs for US-50 toward Ocean
City. Travel approximately 75 miles from the bridge. Continue on Route 50 East to Salisbury. Take Route 13 South Bypass straight through to Princess Anne.
Make a left at traffic light at Mount Vernon Road. Make the first left on to Elm Street.
District court is located in the first annex section of the shopping center.

Parking at District Court

Free parking in the shopping center

District Court Clerk

M. Carol Llewellyn-Jones
(410) 845-4700

Driving Directions to Circuit Court

Upon turning left onto Deal Island Road (Route 363) from Route 13, make the first right onto Mansion Street (not Beckford) and then the first left onto Prince William Street. The courthouse is on the left at the stoplight.

Parking at Circuit Court

There is parking along both sides of Prince William Street. Parking is also available on Somerset Avenue, the street that crosses Prince William at the light. If you turn left at the light (Prince William Street and Somerset Avenue) and go around the block and make a left onto Church Street, there is parking behind the courthouse.

Work With a Somerset DUI Attorney

The state of Maryland takes drunk driving charges very seriously. Legal consequences of a conviction may include fines, driver’s license suspension or revocation, ignition interlock, mandatory treatment or counseling, and jail time. Additionally, a conviction results in skyrocketing insurance premiums and numerous points against one’s driver’s license. If you are arrested for driving under the influence in Somerset County, Maryland or near the campus of the University of Maryland- Eastern Shore, contact an experienced Somerset DUI lawyer as soon as possible to protect your rights and privileges.

All too often, our lawyers see cases that are made much more difficult by the defendants’ actions when pulled over by police. Often, DUI arrests are the result of a minor traffic violation, such as failure to signal or not coming to a complete stop. If you are pulled over and the officer suspects that may have been drinking, he or she will ask you to perform a series of field sobriety tests. Based on the results of those tests, you may be asked to take a field Breathalyzer test. If the test indicates a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or higher, you will be arrested for drunk driving. Under Maryland law, even a lower BAC can result in an arrest for DWI.