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Somerset Gun Lawyer

Gun charges are treated seriously on the Eastern Shore and all throughout Maryland. Somerset is no exception, gun charges are treated very seriously in Somerset. Anyone facing gun charges in Somerset should absolutely consult with a Somerset County gun lawyer in order to build a defense.

These crimes are treated so seriously largely because, unfortunately, firearms are often used in a manner in which they were not necessarily intended to be used. Firearms are used to assault people, they are used to kill people, and they are used to intimidate others in cases that involve robberies. In all of those situations, the prosecutor’s office is going to prosecute that individual to the fullest extent of the law.

Gun and Drug Charges

Unfortunately in Somerset County, as with pretty much every other county in Maryland, there is a correlation between the distribution, importation, or transportation of drugs and firearms. The people selling drugs protect both their drugs and their money with firearms. It seems that most homicides in Somerset County have to do with either a shooting over money or a shooting over drugs. Those types of offenses are treated very seriously and the prosecutor’s office would not hesitate to try and get a prison sentence in a case like that. The judge would not hesitate to impose a serious prison sentence in a case like that either. It is important to work with a Somerset gun attorney when facing these charges, so as to build a defense against the aggressive prosecution.

Illegal Wear, Carry, or Transport of a Firearm

There are a few firearm crimes that are pretty common in this area. One of the most common kinds of gun crimes is the illegal wear, carry, or transport of a handgun.

In Maryland, a person cannot wear or carry a handgun in public unless they have secured a wear carry permit. A Marylander can, if they get the correct permit, carry their gun and even carry it concealed. However, in some of Maryland’s neighboring states and some of the states south of those, individuals can wear and carry without a specific permit and, unfortunately, what happens is those residents of other states are traveling through Somerset. There is a major thoroughfare—Route 13—which runs north and south pretty much the length of the United States.

People from other states will be traveling on Route 13 and if they are stopped for some sort of traffic offense, it can lead to them being charged further with a criminal offense of illegally transporting a handgun.

The person, had they been in their own state, would not be doing anything illegal, unfortunately, they just did not realize and did not educate themselves as to what the laws in this state are. They drove into Maryland and it is no longer legal for them to have access to their gun like they would if they were in their own state. When people are caught of guard by this charge they should consult a Somerset gun attorney, so that they can understand exactly what they are facing and being charged with.

Use of a Gun While Committing a Crime

Another common gun or firearm offense is using a gun in relation to committing another crime. For example, if a defendant has committed a robbery or a felony drug type of case and they also have a firearm, then they can potentially be charged with the use of a firearm in the commission of a crime of violence or a felony.

That is a very serious charge because it carries a completely separate penalty of 25 years in prison, and the statute makes it very clear that that sentence can run consecutively to the sentence for the underlying felony or crime of violence. 

It could be two very serious sentences that run one after the other. In order to avoid the possibility of these extreme sentences it is important to work with a local gun attorney. In most cases, working with a private attorney may have additional benefits to a person’s defense than working with a public defender.

Call a Somerset Gun Attorney for Help Building a Defense

When you are facing firearm related charges, reach out to a Somerset gun lawyer for help protecting your rights.