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Talbot County DUI Lawyer

A drunk driving arrest is a very scary and intimidating occurrence, and the penalties that accompany a potential conviction can have some severe, long-lasting effects on your life moving forward. For many people, a DUI charge is the first encounter they have had with the law and, as such, they do not know what to do or what to expect. Hiring a Talbot County DUI lawyer can help you understand your case and build a strong defense for you to present in court.

DUI Offenses in Talbot County

DUI charges often catch people by surprise. A simple traffic start can turn into an arrest if a police officer suspects you are driving under the influence and has you complete sobriety tests. What many people do not realize when they are being stopped and questioned by a police officer is that the police officer, as a representative of Maryland, may be using any answers you provide to him or her about your drinking habits, where you were drinking, and how many drinks you have had to build a case against you.
You may have provided too much information to the police officer and given them the opportunity to present evidence against you in court. If this is the case, a competent attorney can help mitigate the impact of your answers and can work to build a strong case in your defense. Hiring a legal professional is especially important if you have provided information to police during your arrest.

Looking For an Attorney with Local Experience

If you have been arrested and charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you most likely want to be represented by someone who has the experience and firsthand knowledge of what it is like to try one of these cases in court. Our DUI attorneys have this kind of experience, which can be a huge asset to your case. There is no substitute for a years of experience, and our attorneys bring that to the table. Our attorneys have experience litigating in local courts, state courts, and appellate courts, and they can bring their experience with them to better assist you.
Our attorneys can take on your case and work to get you an outcome with which you are satisfied. A drunk driving conviction can hurt your chances of gaining employment in the future, it can jeopardize your current job, and it can throw your personal life into a tailspin if the problems associated with your conviction becomes your family’s problems as well. It does not necessarily have to be this way, however, and the attorneys with our firm can work to prevent any unnecessary consequences from occurring. Our attorneys understand how personally difficult a drunk driving charge can be, but they are very dedicated to building a strong case to help your personal life stay intact throughout your trial.
If you have been charged with a DUI in Talbot County, call (410) 734-2675 today for your free initial case evaluation.

Talbot County Courthouse

If your attorney is unable to negotiate the dropping of your charges, you will likely have to appear in court at the Talbot County Circuit Court located at 11 North Washington Street in Easton, Maryland. The court’s hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. For more information about the court, or to speak to the clerk, call (410) 822-2611. There is metered parking available out in front of the courthouse, but it is not smart to rely on street parking that could fill up. If you are going to your court appointment, leave early enough to explore a few different parking options. It is important to be on time, if not early, to your court date. Don’t let something as unimportant as parking throw that off.


If you are coming from across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, travel for about 27 miles on US-50. Take the exit that continues US-50 towards Ocean City. You will then take a slight right turn onto Route 322. Turn left at the fourth light, then take a right onto North Washington Street.
If you are coming from the North, take I-95 South, and then take the exit for 896 towards Middletown, DE. Take Route 896 to 301 S and then take 213 S. You will then take Route 50 to Easton before turning right onto MD-322. The directions from there will be the same as above.

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