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DUI Classes in Anne Arundel County

Oftentimes, when someone is charged with a DUI in Anne Arundel County, they are required, or it is at least recommended, that they attend DUI classes in Anne Arundel County. There are numerous alcohol education programs and DUI classes in the area, ranging from a few hours of outpatient treatment, to multiday, multi-week, or even multi-month education programs alcohol education and treatment. An Anne Arundel County DUI lawyer will usually recommend that an individual facing a charge attend a DUI class. The lawyer can help guide their client through this process.

Availability of DUI Education Programs in Anne Arundel County

DUI education programs are not technically mandatory, although some lawyers require their clients to attend. One of the most common mistakes unrepresented people make is to appear in front of the judge when charged with a DUI without having completed a program of alcohol education and treatment. It is important for the individual to show the judge that they are taking their case seriously.

While it is not technically mandatory, attending a DUI education program is an extremely good idea. It is recommended to everyone who seeks help for an Anne Arundel DUI charge, whether or not an acquittal is even possible. Drivers can and should go to a DUI alcohol education program voluntarily, especially prior to going before a judge.

Both public and private DUI education programs are available. Most Health Departments do have an alcohol education program, which is a type of County-sponsored program, though there are also numerous private groups that run DUI education programs.

Types of DUI Educational Programs

There are many different kinds of materials used in DUI education courses. These can include individual sessions, group sessions, video, audio, reading materials, graphs, charts, and more. DUI classes in Anne Arundel County will use all the tools necessary to promote DUI education.

Online DUI Classes in Anne Arundel County

Online DUI education courses exist, but individuals are strongly recommended to avoid taking them. Most judges typically see the online courses as inadequate, and a waste of time. The judge will not treat an online course in the same way they would an in-person program.

Group Sessions

People will compare notes in their DUI group about their individual experience. For example, if there are people in the group who had prior DUIs, they will share that with the group. Another popular group activity is role-playing different alcohol and DUI-related scenarios.

DUI education programs typically cover a wide range of topics. Group discussion topics will include alcohol abuse, legal consequences, addiction, the physiological effects of alcohol, and more. The shortest DUI education program is 12 hours.

Traffic Schools v. DUI Educational Programs

People will usually be offered traffic school as an alternative to a simple traffic citation. Traffic school is pretty uncommon in the context of DUI because the driving itself is usually not the main issue in Anne Arundel DUI cases. Anne Arundel County courts are typically much more concerned with alcohol education. While it’s possible for the individual to attend traffic Sschool after a DUI, it usually does not make a significant difference in the outcomes that an individual receives in court, in contrast to alcohol education programs.