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Anne Arundel DUI Cases: Pre-Trial Release & Bond

Pre-trial release is exactly what it sounds like. Pre-trial is the period after a driver has been charged with a DUI, but before the trial begins, or while the trial of the case is still pending. A majority of DUI arrests in Anne Arundel are automatically released without bond; however, if an individual is taken to the Commissioner, the Commissioner may post a bond. At that point, the Anne Arundel County DUI lawyer can be helpful in having the bond reduced, or potentially having the individual released on their own recognizance at a bond hearing in front of a Judge.

Determination of the Bond Amount

In order to determine the bond amount, the Commissioner or Judge will look at the facts and circumstances surrounding the case. They will look at the charges, the individual’s criminal history, and the individual’s prior failures to appear at court, if there are any. The Judge or Commissioner will also consider the individual’s connection to the community, their employment, and if they have family in the area. All of those factors will be considered in determining the amount of the bond.
Following a DUI charge in Anne Arundel County, bond can be posted as a cash bond, which is when an individual’s family member puts down cash for that individual’s release. It can also be posted through a bondsman, who pays the bond in exchange for someone, usually family or friends, paying the bondsman a non-refundable percentage of the amount of the bond.

Implications of Not Complying With Pre-Trial Release

Sometimes when an individual is released prior to trial, they are ordered to be supervised by the department of parole and probation, which is a condition of their release. In that case, an individual is obligated to report to that office at scheduled times and if they fail to report then it is a violation of their pre-trial release. As a result, their bond can be revoked and they can be detained. A conditional release, where the individual is required to report, or pre-trial supervision in general, is rare for DUI’s in Anne Arundel County.
Usually after being released from jail, an individual will get a copy of the charging documents. They also get a copy of the bond order and receipts for payment of the bond, if there was a bond required.

Value of Hiring an Anne Arundel County DUI Attorney

Once someone is arrested for a DUI, there are time sensitive deadlines that begin running immediately. Specifically, in most cases, they have 10 days to request a hearing for their driver’s license. Additionally, they must request to have their temporary license extended until the date of the hearing. There will usually be a hard 30 day deadline to request the hearing; if they do not request a hearing by that point, they will have to accept the suspension of their driver’s license.
Talking to an Anne Arundel County DUI lawyer can help ensure that those requests are made by the required dates. It can also help the defendant in preparing litigation for the case so the sooner a person implicated in a DUI case speaks with a local lawyer after they are charged, the better.