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What To Expect from First Time Anne Arundel DUI

Typically, prosecutors are unwilling to drop first offense DUI charges like they would drop some other type of charges. They will try to go forward with the case.
Usually on a first offense, if the prosecution is going to make a plea offer, it will be to not oppose probation before judgment, meaning that they’re not asking for a criminal conviction. But it’s very rare for prosecutors to enter the charges nolle prosequi, which means dismiss them, or stet them, which amounts to putting them on an inactive docket.
Facing first-time DUI charges can be incredibly intimidating, especially if you are unfamiliar with the procedures and personnel involved in a criminal case. You should speak with a DUI lawyer in Anne Arundel County about what kind of options you may expect in your fact-specific case.

Where Are First DUI Cases Heard in Anne Arundel?

There are two District Court locations in Anne Arundel County; one is Glen Burnie and the other is in Annapolis. Virtually all DUI cases start out in the District Court. You have the option as a DUI defendant to resolve it either in District Court or in Circuit Court. But all of them will initially begin at one of the District Court locations either in Annapolis or Glen Burnie.

Alternative Sentencing for First Time DUIs

Anne Arundel prosecutors don’t offer a diversion program for DUI. That’s pretty much unheard of in Maryland. Prosecutors will often offer probation before judgment (PBJ) in Maryland, which would mean that the conviction doesn’t actually enter against the individual’s driving record. There is no formal finding as guilt.

How Do Courts Treat First Time DUI Charges?

A typical first offense DUI in Maryland usually doesn’t involve incarceration. Any kind of incarceration of first offense DUI defendants is definitely the exception, and not the rule.
On first offenses court will frequently grant defendants the benefit of probation before judgments, so they will strike the guilty finding from the defendant’s record and enter probation before judgment. Assuming that probation is successfully completed, there’s never an entry of that guilty finding.
This may change when dealing with second DUI or third DUI offenses. These matters tend to be more serious than first DUI charges and are frequently accompanied by penalties that are more severe and far-reaching than the potential penalties that come with a first DUI conviction in Anne Arundel County.

What To Expect When Looking for a Lawyer

When looking for an attorney to help with first-time DUI charges in Anne Arundel, you should consider looking for attorneys who have experience handling these kinds of cases. Also, it can be a good idea to consult with attorneys first in order to find a lawyer you feel comfortable with and trust. When you call our law offices, we’ll conduct a free initial consultation, at which time we’ll listen carefully to the details of your case in order to determine what your legal options might be.

First Time DUI Charges in Anne Arundel County