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Baltimore Drug Possession Lawyer

Drug possession charges are often treated quite seriously in Baltimore. Along with fines and the possibility of incarceration, an individual could face setbacks in their professional careers and suffer in any personal relationships. In order to effectively combat any charges you may be facing, it is pertinent that you contact an experienced Baltimore drug possession lawyer. An experienced drug defense attorney will be able to build a strong defense to assist in lessening or dismissing any charges against you.

Defining a Possession Charge

Possessing a drug in Baltimore means that a person has a controlled dangerous substance, prescription or non-prescription, that they do not have the legal authority to have on their person.
These drugs can include small amounts of cocaine, heroin, and ecstasy, or prescription medication such as Oxycontin, Xanax, and Codeine, which are also controlled substances. Being in possession of these drugs is unlawful, and a person could be heavily prosecuted for possessing them.

Discovery Process

A person could be found possessing illegal drugs in a number of different ways. The individual could be subject to a search of their home, their vehicle, their person, and any possessions on their body. Any of those places could contain a controlled dangerous substance and can lead to the person being criminally charged.

Classification of Drugs

Illegal drugs in Baltimore are defined as any controlled dangerous substances, including prescription medication and commonly known illegal drugs. Small amounts of marijuana have been decriminalized, but may not be legalized for general use in Maryland.  People can, however, lawfully possess prescription drugs and medicinal marijuana if they have a valid prescription for the medication.

Not all controlled, dangerous substances are possessed unlawfully. Simply being in possession of a valid prescription makes possession and use of the aforementioned substances legal. A Baltimore drug possession lawyer will best be able to help an individual determine the best defense based on the specifics of their charge.

Potential Penalties

The penalties for possessing a controlled dangerous substance are quite severe. For example, possessing a reasonably small amount of marijuana, around 11 grams, could be punishable with incarceration. Possessing more serious drugs, such as heroin, cocaine, or prescription medications could be punishable with up to four years in jail.

The court can impose periods of incarceration, probation, and conditions of that probation such as drug testing, drug treatment, and community service. In addition to those penalties, a person that is convicted of possession could face collateral consequences beyond those that are court imposed.

An individual could lose their job as a result of a drug possession charge. Further, a person that is convicted of possession could also lose their housing, if they are residents in specific kinds of government housing. The individual may also lose opportunities to apply for loans, including student loans, mortgage loans, and vehicle loans. Accordingly, the collateral consequences of being convicted of drug possession can be endless making it important that a drug possession attorney in Baltimore is contacted.

Points of Note

Immediately after being charged, it is important that an individual do not use any controlled dangerous substances, and assume that they could potentially be subject to random urinalysis screening. Additionally, it is important to explore the opportunity to become enrolled in some kind of drug education or treatment program.

Being in a drug treatment or education program could also be helpful for a client’s attorney, who may argue to have the charges dismissed or reduced significantly by demonstrating how serious the accused has taken the situation.

The most important factor is making sure a person retains a Baltimore drug possession attorney that has a clear understanding of controlled dangerous substance laws and constitutional principles that are outlined in most criminal drug possession cases.

Baltimore Drug Possession Lawyer