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Baltimore Marijuana Possession Lawyer

Cannabis possession charges are difficult to understand due to the drug’s changing legal status both federally and by state. If you have been accused of having this drug on your person or in your establishment, you might not know what penalties you could be facing. Fortunately, a Baltimore marijuana possession lawyer could help you through the process. A knowledgeable defense attorney could investigate the facts of your case to help you build a strong claim to protect your future.

Understanding Marijuana Charges

Marijuana is enforced and prosecuted differently from other drugs. This drug is much more common than any other controlled substance, especially because of its annually-changing legal status. The federal government still prosecutes certain cases because it is still an illegal substance and classified as a Schedule I, which is the highest classification of a drug in the United States. While marijuana charges are still prosecuted on a federal basis, this drug is looked at differently by Maryland prosecutors.

Are Judges More Lenient for Marijuana Cases?

Circumstances in which judges view marijuana charges with more leniency depend on quantity. Since the new Senate Bill 364, possession of fewer than ten grams of marijuana is a civil offense, which results in a fine with a maximum fine of $100 for the first offense. If an individual gets a second or third charge, they face up to $500 in fines. Possession of over ten grams of the substance is a misdemeanor charge in Maryland. Judges often issue more lenient penalties if it is the first offense, the drug is for personal use, or the individual has a valid medical excuse.

What are the Penalties?

In addition to incarceration and fines, another long-term implication of a drug possession charge could include a permanent record. Potential landlords or employers would be able to see that an individual has been charged and found guilty of a drug crime. There is a stigma to having a marijuana possession charge on one’s record, which may impede someone’s lifestyle when applying for credit, a loan, housing, or employment. Because of the stigma associated with these types of charges, it is important to speak with and retain a Baltimore attorney experienced with marijuana possession charges.

Defending a Possession Charge in Baltimore

Some aspects of defending weed possession cases are different from defending other drug cases. Compared to other drugs, marijuana has a distinct look and smell. In particular, it has a very distinct odor that makes it easily identifiable to law enforcement.

Additionally, because of the fact that marijuana has a constantly changing legal status, handling these cases can be more complex than cases involving other drugs. A cannabis possession attorney in Baltimore could build a strong defense tailored to the unique facts of a particular case.

Contact a Baltimore Marijuana Possession Attorney Today

Possession of cannabis charges could have life-long, serious consequences. With the legal status of this substance is changing state by state, handling such a charge could be a challenge. A Baltimore marijuana possession lawyer could be an asset in protecting your rights in court. Call today and schedule a consultation.

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