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Out of State Driving Tickets in Baltimore

When an out-of-state driver receives a must appear ticket in Baltimore, this means that they will have to return back to Maryland and appear in court on their assigned court date. Hiring a lawyer does not relieve the person of their responsibility to attend court. If the individual receives a payable citation and they are from out of state, then they can contact a lawyer and the attorney can stand in on their behalf. However, the person could still face points on their license for paying the ticket and not appearing in court because paying the ticket is basically a confession of guilt. This means the person may face points in their home jurisdiction for having a conviction in Maryland. If you are an out-of-state driver and have received a citation, reach out to a seasoned traffic lawyer who is experienced handling out-of-state driving tickets in Baltimore.

When Someone Does Not Pay Their Ticket by the Due Date

If an out-of-state driver does not pay their ticket by the due date and it was a must appear ticket, then they will have a bench warrant issued against them. If it was a payable ticket, then they are going to get an implied consent. Maryland does not have the authority to suspend the person’s license in another jurisdiction. However, having an unpaid ticket in Maryland will probably register as a problem for the individual in another state when they try to get their license renewed. This is why it is essential for someone who has received a citation to contact an attorney who could help them with out-of-state driving tickets in Baltimore. A skilled lawyer could help an out-of-state driver with building a traffic violation defense.

Important Information Out-of-State Drivers Should Know

It is imperative for out-of-state drivers to know that because they are out of state it does not mean they do not have to pay the fee. It also does not mean that they can skip their court date. Even though the individual does not hold a Maryland license, they are still on file with the court and DMV in the state of Maryland and the ticket must be addressed.

The court will not provide information regarding paid or unpaid tickets to another state. The DMV would send notice to the other jurisdiction’s DMV and then they would deal with the issue. It is also important for people to understand that they cannot use the defense that they did not know what the traffic laws were in Baltimore if they are issued a ticket.

How a Traffic Attorney in Baltimore Could Help

If an out-of-state driver receives a must appear ticket in Baltimore, they must appear in court. A lawyer can be in court with them but it is important to know that the driver still must come back to Maryland to show up in court. However, if it is a payable citation, then the person does not have to go back to Maryland and their lawyer can appear in court on their behalf. Whether it is a payable citation or a must appear ticket, it is essential for drivers to consult with a knowledgeable lawyer who could help someone with their out-of-state driving tickets in Baltimore.