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Bethesda Intent to Distribute Lawyer

Intent to distribute means that a person has possession of a controlled dangerous substance and the circumstantial evidence or other clues indicate that there was intent to distribute those controlled dangerous substances to other people. In these cases, it is not actually necessary that police officers find that the individual was distributing the controlled substances as the intent elevates the seriousness of the case.

Drug possession in Bethesda is usually a misdemeanor offense, but when it is charged as possession with intent to distribute, it is a felony offense. The penalties associated with a felony offense are often severe, cementing the necessity of an experienced attorney to best handle an individual’s particular charge. A Bethesda intent to distribute attorney can help an individual create a solid defense against their particular drug-related charge.

Unique Aspects of Possession With Intent

The main difference between possession and the possession with intent to distribute are the criminal penalties associated with the charges, and the status of one case as a misdemeanor and the other as a felony. Ultimately, a finder of fact is in charge of determining whether there is intent to distribute, let it be a judge or a jury. Initially, the officer makes the determination based on the evidence they collected from the crime scene.

A person can have both the intent to possess and distribute drugs. If someone is in possession with intent to distribute, simple possession of those drugs can be charged as a lesser-included offense. Even if a prosecutor cannot prove possession with intent to distribute, they still may be able to prove simple possession. Because of the complexity of these charges, it is pertinent that an individual contact a seasoned Bethesda drug possession with intent lawyer to properly handle their case in court.

How PWID Charges Are Determined

A person that is found in possession of a large amount of the controlled dangerous substance, scales, baggies, and/or large amounts of cash could also be charged with intent to distribute. This is because the amount of the drug and the presence of the paraphernalia does not suggest that it is for personal use.

These sorts of cases are treated far more seriously than drug possession cases. They are felony offenses because the alleged actions of the accused are potentially going to impact the community that they inhabit and that surrounds them making it important that a drug possession with intent to distribute attorney in Bethesda is contacted.

Benefits of an Attorney

Drug possession with the intent to distribute cases are incredibly serious, and the constitutional nuances and arguments that are associated with them can only be made by someone that has a great deal of experience handling these types of charges.

It is important for anyone in such a situation to contact a knowledgeable Bethesda intent to distribute attorney who can most effectively argue a successful outcome on your behalf. An individual should never go about this sort of charge alone, and will best be able to challenge the prosecution with the assistance of a lawyer.

Bethesda Intent to Distribute Lawyer