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Bethesda Drug Lawyer

Despite the changing cultural attitude toward the possession of certain controlled substances, drug charges in Montgomery County are still extremely common. If you are accused of violating the Maryland Controlled Dangerous Substances Act, a Bethesda criminal lawyer can help you fight the charge and avoid heavy penalties. Our criminal defense team is standing by to conduct your free initial consultation.

You Have the Right to an Attorney

Even simple drug possession can escalate quickly if police believe you have the intent to distribute a controlled substance. If law enforcement accuses you of drug possession, drug distribution or trafficking, or manufacture of a controlled substance, it is critical that you contact a Bethesda drug attorney as soon as possible.

There are several defense strategies commonly used and proven effective in fighting drug charges. Your lawyer can work with you to determine the best option for your specific case. In some cases, the best defense is to negotiate a plea agreement in return for reduced charges, minimal sentencing, or even drug diversion programs to keep a defendant out of jail. Other times, it pays to fight the charge in a Bethesda court, holding the prosecution accountable to its burden of proof and challenging the evidence against you.
When you look for a drug lawyer in Bethesda, find one who is comfortable, efficient, and effective at utilizing a variety of defense strategies to find the best solution for each client.

Drug Crimes in Maryland

Maryland law prohibits the possession, distribution, cultivation, and manufacture of drugs by those who are not authorized by law to do so. Examples of illegal possession include possession of illegal drugs or possession of prescription drugs without a valid prescription.

The penalties for Maryland drug offenses depend upon the type and quantity of drug involved in the case. For example, illegal possession of marijuana is associated with lesser penalties than possession of other Schedule I or II controlled substances such as heroin, cocaine, and narcotic painkillers like oxycodone. Likewise, drug possession for personal use is punishable by a lighter sentence than possession with intent to distribute or possession in sufficient quantities to indicate drug trafficking.

A Bethesda drug defense attorney can explain the specific charges against a defendant, any penalties he or she may be facing, and the optimal strategies for defending against the charge or charges.

Maryland Drug Possession

Maryland Criminal Law Code § 5-601 stipulates that simple possession of a controlled substance without a prescription is punishable by a maximum of 4 years in prison and a fine of up to $25,000.
While marijuana is listed as a Schedule I drug, the penalties for marijuana possession are not as harsh as those ascribed to other drugs. Marijuana possession carries a maximum sentence of one year in jail for possession of 10 grams or more, but if the amount is less than 10 grams, marijuana possession is a civil offense:

  • First offense – $100 fine
  • Second offense – $250 fine
  • Third offense – $500 fine

If a person is accused of possession of larger quantities of drugs, he or she may be charged with possession with intent to distribute or trafficking in illegal drugs. While most drug possession offenses are misdemeanors, distribution and trafficking are felony drug crimes.
A drug attorney in Bethesda can offer strong defense solutions, including disputing the quantity of drug involved or challenging evidence that the defendant knew drugs were on the premises. Additionally, if the drugs were found in an illegal search and seizure, a defense lawyer will likely be able to have that evidence suppressed, which may lead to dismissal of the charge.

Drug Crime Representation in Bethesda

Whether you are facing a misdemeanor drug possession charge or a felony distribution charge, our Bethesda drug lawyers are equipped to handle the challenges in building your defense. We are committed to fighting for the rights of our clients and protecting them throughout the judicial process. Call for a free, confidential consultation with a Bethesda drug lawyer ready to fight for you.