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Damage Control Following a Bethesda DUI

Damage control following a Bethesda DUI requires a consultation with a lawyer. After receiving a DUI, the first step a person should take is to contact an attorney immediately. It is important to know that there are certain consequences associated with the citations as well as the Motor Vehicle Administration and preservation of the privilege to drive. Some actions need to be exercised immediately or within a finite amount of time.

Additionally, when a person is charged with a DUI-related offense, they are also tasked with damage control steps like being enrolled in an alcohol education program to keep from facing jail time or other more strict penalties in a courtroom. The individual should portray to the judge a picture of contrition and how seriously they take the offense to make sure they never find themselves in this situation again.

There are many different damage control steps a person needs to discuss with an experienced defense attorney immediately after the incident takes place, so it is important to reach out to one right away.

What is an Alcohol Education Course?

One damage control method following a Bethesda DUI is to explore the option of an alcohol education course. There are many different kinds of alcohol education courses. Some are in-patient alcohol education courses, which are basically rehab facilities for the most serious offenders. There are six or eight-hour online classes for people who find themselves in a minor situation. Depending on the kinds of circumstances, a defense attorney can assist that person in making determinations about the best alcohol education program to take before they enter a courtroom.

Advantages of Course

A person charged with a DUI is offered a number of different advantages for alcohol education. Probably the most important advantage is that when someone takes an alcohol education class, they are entitled to certain kinds of disposition. Someone who does not take an alcohol education class is not entitled to those same dispositions.

First-time DUI offenders, for example, who are granted a disposition of a probation before judgment (PBJ) by the court do not receive any jail time, points, or a criminal conviction on their record. They can only be considered to have that option available to them if the court sees that they participated in and successfully completed an alcohol education class.

Expectations of Course

When approaching an alcohol education class, someone should expect an evaluation to be conducted of their drinking history, the facts and circumstances of their case, and any criminal records they have. After that, a determination is made about what programs are most appropriate for the circumstances. Using an alcohol course as damage control following a Bethesda DUI can be a good choice for some individuals.

Insurance Following a DUI

Insurance could be increased significantly following a DUI. However, that is usually the case only when a person receives points as a result of the DUI offense. If a person receives a probation before judgment disposition for a DUI, they usually do not get any points on their driving record for that particular offense. Under those circumstances, they are not in a negative position for an alcohol-related offense as it relates to their insurance premium increase.

Should a Defendant Speak to Their Insurance Company?

Usually, an individual is not under obligation to report these kinds of things to their insurance company until they are criminally prosecuted for them. If an individual is criminally prosecuted and points are assessed, the insurance company usually finds out about them on their own.

Unless an individual has a different agreement with their insurance company, it is usually advisable to hold off on reporting something because, in the United States, a person is innocent until proven guilty. The allegations someone receives at the time of their arrest for a DUI are just allegations at that point. They are not actually proven.

Speaking to a Lawyer

When someone is charged with a DUI as a result of an accident, they should speak with their lawyer before speaking to the insurance company. Their insurance company may ask for things like a recorded statement when they interact with someone who was in a car accident. A person who speaks with an insurance company and makes these statements may be making admissions on the record that could be used against them in court later.

It is important that a person not make any statements to the insurance company until they speak with an attorney, retain an attorney, and make sure that the attorney is on the call with the insurance company for any subsequent conversations to assure nothing is said that could jeopardize the case. If you have any concerns regarding damage control following a Bethesda DUI charge, do not hesitate to contact a skilled attorney.