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Bethesda DUI Trial Process

If an individual’s Bethesda DUI charge proceeds to trial, the trial commences on the day of the trial. If the matter is resolved, the matter could be a plea or other resolution before the trial starts.
It is important that the person facing charges talks with a Bethesda DUI attorney in preparation for trial. It is different than any other kind of case. Some trials require minimal preparation; although some trials have months of preparation associated with them.

An experienced attorney can help an individual understand the specific elements of the Bethesda DUI trial process to ensure that they are best prepared for their case.

Initial Steps

As soon as the person reaches the courthouse, it is important that they contact their attorney to let them know they are at the courthouse. The person defers to the attorney on their advice about what needs to take place once they arrive at the courthouse.

Opening Statements

Opening statements are an opportunity for the defense attorney and the state to give a roadmap of where they expect the case to go or where the evidence is expected to go.

Opening statements allow the parties to frame what they expect the evidence to be, based on their perspective. That gives the finder of fact an opportunity to understand what to expect to hear during the presentation of evidence during the Bethesda DUI trial process.

Presenting the Case

The first party to present the case during the Bethesda DUI trial process is the state because the state has the burden proof. A prosecuting attorney presents the government’s case against the driver.

Gathered Evidence

The government presents the traffic violation that occurred and prompted the original stop. Other evidence includes any observation the officer has regarding the person’s odor of alcohol, slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, and response times.

Additional information presented during the course of a DUI trial process in Bethesda involves the person’s demeanor, the hour of night or day, and observations the officer made about the vehicle. The officer testifies whether the vehicle was damaged or looked like it had been involved in an accident and whether there were open containers or in the vehicle.

Also included in the officer’s testimony are the results of the person’s standardized field sobriety tests that provided clues to determine whether there was probable cause to place a person under arrest.

The results of blood or breath tests conducted to determine alcohol levels are presented during the course of a Bethesda DUI trial.


The defense has an opportunity to conduct cross-examination during the DUI trial process in Bethesda to attack the government’s witnesses and the testimony they offer.

The defense attorney presents their own alternatives to the evidence to find flaws in the testimony when it was presented to the government.

After the government makes their presentation during the Bethesda DUI trial process, the defense puts on a case of their own. That includes calling their witnesses to testify, who are then cross-examined by the state.