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Calvert County Courthouses

Over the past several centuries, the courthouse in Calvert County has stood on a few different locations. In the 1600s, the very first courthouse was located in Battle Town along the shores of Battle Creek. Over the next few centuries, there were several additional courthouses erected around the county with one being burned in the early 1800s by the British. The modern courthouse that stands at 175 Main Street was built in 1916 and is now almost 100 years old. The address of the present building is: Calvert County Circuit Court Courthouse 175 Main Street Prince Frederick, MD 20678 The courthouse is located on the northwest side of the intersection between Main Street and Duke Street. When visiting the courthouse from out of the area, most drivers will take Solomons Island Road to reach the courthouse. When approaching on Solomons Island Road from the north, take a left onto Main Street and the courthouse will be on the right. When approaching on Solomons Island Road from the south, take a right onto Duke Street and the courthouse will be on the left right before the intersection with Main Street.


Clerk’s Office: Monday – Friday 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Court Staff: Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM


There are a number of departments within this courthouse and some of the most important phone numbers include: General Courthouse: (410) 535-1600 Clerk of the Court: (410) 535-1660 Legal Aid: (410) 535-3278 Public Defender: (443) 550-6800 Sexual Assault Hotline: (410) 535-1121

Proper Behavior at the Courthouse

Although the courthouses depicted in movies are often filled with yelling, drama, and outbursts, that behavior is not appropriate in the real world. When visiting a courthouse it is best to act respectfully at all times and remember that wild and raucous behavior will not only hurt your current case; it may bring additional charges for contempt of court.

General Information for New Visitors

It is essential to note that the Calvert County courthouse doesn’t have options to pay by credit card, so anyone who must pay a fee of any sort (such as a filing fee) must bring cash, a money order, or a checkbook for payment. In addition, anyone interested in getting a marriage license must pay in cash. The Calvert County Circuit Court Courthouse handles a variety of cases covering civil and criminal issues. For the majority of criminal cases handled at the courthouse, it’s vital that a person has a lawyer at his or her side. Not only does a well-qualified Calvert County criminal lawyer provide experienced counsel to boost a person’s chance of a favorable case outcome, the lawyer can also bring the defendant the peace of mind that comes from understanding the legal process.  If you have been charged with a crime in Calvert County and have questions about the courthouse or any other area of the justice system, call our Calvert criminal attorneys for a free case consultation and information, or click here.

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