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Calvert County DUI Lawyer

Often, DUI and DWI charges arise from traffic stops involving minor violations. Should you be pulled over for a simple traffic violation, such as speeding or rolling through a stop sign, and give the officer any indication that you have been drinking, the police officer will likely request that you perform field sobriety tests to determine your level of intoxication. The field sobriety tests used by officers can be very difficult to pass, particularly because they grade the ability to follow complicated instructions as performance. If the results of these tests further the officer’s suspicion, you may be offered a breath test. A refusal of the breath test may result in the automatic suspension of your license, but it is voluntary nonetheless. You should know that you are not obligated to speak to any authority without first consulting with an experienced Calvert County DUI lawyer.

Dealing with your DUI is a time-sensitive matter. In order to prevent any unnecessary repercussions against you, you should act immediately. The first matter to take care of will be scheduling your MVA hearing. After your arrest, you will only have 10 days to do so before you risk compromising your driving privileges and license. If you rely on your ability to drive in order to get to work and earn a living, losing your license as a result of a drunk driving charge simply might not be an option for you. When the stakes are this high, you can retain the services of a Calvert County DUI attorney that has experience handling similar cases to the one you are facing. Our firm has handled these types of cases in the past, and, while there will be some aspects of your case that make it unique, that experience will be invaluable as we work on building a successful defense strategy on your behalf.

Calvert County Courthouse

The Calvert County Courthouse, where your DUI trial will likely be held if you case gets that far, is located at 175 Main Street in Prince Frederick, Maryland. The county administrative judge for the court is the Honorable Marjorie L. Clagett. The court auditors are Mark J. Davis, Robert S. Crum, and Renee J. Lafayette. For more information about the court, including hours, please call them directly at (410) 535-1600. While it is available, parking is always at a premium around the courthouse, so we recommend that you don’t take any chances in terms of how early you leave to get to your court appointment. Don’t let any excuses stand in your way when you have an important trial date. Leave early enough so that you can have a few options for parking and get to where you need to be on time. Overflow parking for the courthouse is available on Main Street at the County Services Plaza.
calvert county district courthouse


If you are coming from Washington, D.C., follow Pennsylvania Avenue across the bridge until it becomes Route 4 to Prince Frederick. Once you have arrived in Prince Frederick, take a left onto Church Street. You will then make a right onto Main Street and the courthouse will be on your right.
From Annapolis, take Route 2 South until you reach Route 4. Turn left onto Route 4 and then follow the above directions the rest of the way.
From Baltimore, take Route 3 and continue onto Route 301. You will then eventually intersect with Route 4. Once on Route 4, follow the above directions.

Chesapeake Beach DUI Lawyer

The County of Calvert only lists two towns that have officially been incorporated as municipalities. Chesapeake Beach is the oldest, incorporating in 1886. It is located along the water, and most of its attractions will have something to do with the beach or boating. It also features a new boardwalk, with many entertainment and dining options. If you are found to be drunk driving in Chesapeake Beach, Maryland, the attorneys with our firm might be able to help you fight the charges you face and minimize the effects of that charge moving forward. Call them today.

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