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College Park Student Defense Lawyer

College is a crucial time in the life of many young adults as they make independent decisions for the first time and strive to better their circumstances through education. Since young adults are sure to make mistakes along the way, they often end up with consequences for their actions that are not altogether pleasant.

Regardless of the situation, a College Park student defense lawyer may be able to assist students who are in this type of position.

A single misstep or incident of poor judgment by college students can lead not only to legal consequences, but also to circumstances that can endanger their futures. Getting legal advice about any criminal charges or student disciplinary proceedings that you are facing may be essential to your ability to minimize and overcome these consequences.

A student defense attorney may be able to explain your rights, calm your concerns, and work toward a favorable resolution of your situation.

Consequences of Arrests for College Students

For many college students, being on their own for the first time can involve a certain degree of experimentation and testing of boundaries. Poor decision-making skills, often enhanced by overconsumption of alcohol, may lead to arrests of college students on various criminal charges.

An arrest can lead to criminal charges, which are often a serious matter. Even for a minor criminal offense, there are repercussions in the event of a conviction, including court appearances, fines, community service hours, loss of driving privileges, and a permanent criminal record. These consequences can have a significant effect on future educational and professional opportunities.

At the same time, an arrest often triggers the initiation of student conduct code or university disciplinary proceedings. Even if the arrest never results in criminal charges, or students ultimately can obtain a dismissal of the charges, disciplinary actions at their schools may still go forward. As a student defense lawyer in College Park can describe, these proceedings can result in a whole other set of serious repercussions, including suspension and even expulsion.

Common Reasons for College Student Arrests

Even though arrests for serious criminal charges like sexual assault, resisting law enforcement, and DWI can seem uncharacteristic for young college students, the combination of immaturity, alcohol and drug use, and poor choices can easily lead to these results.

Underage drinking is a common source of arrests and criminal charges for college students. While most college students are over the age of 18, they typically still are under the age of 21, which makes drinking, possessing, buying, or attempting to purchase alcohol all illegal actions. Possession of fake IDs and driving while intoxicated also may lead to arrests and criminal charges.

College students, however, are not immune from arrests on other criminal charges. These offenses may include possession of marijuana, pain medication, or other controlled substances, assault, sexual assault, and disorderly conduct. An arrest on any of these offenses can lead not only to criminal prosecution, but also to student conduct code proceedings at their colleges or universities.

Student Disciplinary Proceedings in College Park

All colleges and universities have rules or codes of conduct that students must follow as a condition of their attendance. Violations of these rules may stem from an arrest on a criminal charge or from misconduct that takes place on campus, such as academic dishonesty and similar forms of behavior that may not be illegal, but that still violate the student code of conduct.

Whatever the case may be, a student defense attorney in College Park may be necessary to help shield students from the potentially disastrous consequences that these proceedings can bring about. With a lower standard of proof, nonexistent procedural protections, and no right to legal representation, college disciplinary proceedings nonetheless can result in unwanted consequences.

Consult with a College Park Student Defense Attorney Today

Protecting your rights and your future requires you to take immediate action if law enforcement authorities or university administrators accuse you of misconduct. Whether your alleged behavior is illegal or not, you could face severe repercussions if you do not take steps to defend yourself against allegations of wrongdoing.

A College Park student defense lawyer can be instrumental in avoiding some of the potentially damaging consequences of criminal prosecution or student disciplinary proceedings.

While you initially may be feeling overwhelmed by your situation, some defenses and solutions may be available to you in both types of proceedings. Getting legal representation to guide you throughout these matters can result in a more favorable resolution than you might imagine.