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College Park Campus Alcohol Offense Lawyer

While alcohol offenses are taken seriously, they are not considered to be at the same offense level as other things that come up in a disciplinary setting. For that reason, alcohol-related issues are usually resolved by way of participation in community service or alcohol education that are more inclined to deter the behavior in the future.

Not everyone who goes before a disciplinary board in College Park receives such lenient action, however. The consequences of being found responsible for an alcohol-related charge on a college campus may include suspension or expulsion from school, and may, therefore, require the aid of an experienced student defense lawyer. With the help of a College Park campus alcohol offense lawyer, you could avoid serious penalties and disruption of your academic career.

Amnesty Policies

It is common for schools to have amnesty policies in their code of conduct to encourage students to seek emergency assistance for excessive consumption of alcohol. Student safety and wellbeing are the first priorities on campus, even before discipline. Often, there are pamphlets around campus and materials that students may access containing information about the available services and facilities to ensure their safety. If a student finds themselves in a position of overconsumption or having any kind of alcohol-related issue, they can easily access help from the campus community without risk of discipline.

Under 21 vs. Over 21

Alcohol-related charges for somebody under 21 years of ages are easy to demonstrate and prove. When someone is in a place where it is legal to consume alcohol, they are still in violation based on their age for committing the violation. Underage drinking is treated more seriously than alcohol consumption by a student over the age of 21.

People over the age of 21 usually get into trouble with alcohol consumption because they consume or possess it in an area where it is not permitted, or provide it to others who are underage, which is also a criminal offense. The consequences of providing alcohol to a minor can be extremely serious because it poses a safety issue for other people, not just for the individual involved. Therefore, it is crucial for defendants to seek the services of a campus alcohol offense lawyer in College Park.

How a College Park Campus Alcohol Offense Attorney Could Help

A student defense attorney may represent an individual at a student or disciplinary hearing where consequences to the student are taken into consideration. The attorney might negotiate with the disciplinary board about a suitable resolution or punishment. Most importantly, the attorney will likely try to keep the individual a member of the campus community and ensures they do not lose their privileges as a student.

A student should retain legal representation under any alcohol-related disciplinary circumstances, as the consequences could be serious. The individual should make sure to protect themselves from being removed from the community as a student and from having something put in their transcript as a source of disciplinary action which could affect graduate school applications or employment opportunities in the future.

If you or your child are facing university discipline, contact a College Park campus alcohol offense lawyer as soon as possible for legal representation.