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College Park Speeding Lawyer

Allegations of speeding on College Park’s roads and highways may seem like a minor inconvenience. In no circumstances can a speeding conviction result in a driver being sent to jail. Still, the fines that may follow a speeding ticket can be financially damaging and the points applied to a driver’s license may result in a suspension.

While many people choose to simply accept these consequences, the fact remains that all drivers have a right to appeal a speeding ticket. An officer’s opinion is not fact until determined by a court. With the help of a traffic lawyer, a driver may ask a court to dismiss a ticket altogether or at least to limit the potential fine.

A College Park speeding lawyer could help you to appeal any speeding ticket. Whether these tickets allege unsafe operation under the current driving circumstances or a strict violation of the posted speed limits, an attorney could help to request a hearing and appear in person to contest that ticket in court.

The Two Versions of Speeding Tickets in College Park

The speeding laws in College Park are set by state law. The state’s statutes create two versions of speeding violations. The most common are alleged violations of posted speed limits. Md. Code, Transportation Law §21-801.1 provides maximum speed limits for all types of roads in College Park.

For example, the speed limit is 30 miles per hour for all residential highways unless otherwise posted. Despite many people’s beliefs, there is no cushion to break these limits. An officer can make a stop and issue a ticket for even one mile per hour over the legal limits. The applicable fines and license points rise as the level of speeding becomes worse.

The second version of speeding alleges violations of Md. Code, Transportation Law §21-801. This statute prohibits many forms of speeding, but police most commonly accuse drivers of excessive speed considering the current road conditions. Snowy roads, heavy traffic, or darkness could all create an unsafe condition in the mind of an officer that justifies their issuing of a ticket. A violation of this law may result in a fine of $90 and one point on a driver’s license. A College Park speeding lawyer could help clients to understand the two versions of speeding and the potential consequences for a conviction.

Pursuing an Appeal in Court

While a speeding ticket cannot result in jail time, and a police officer will rarely make an arrest following a stop, all drivers who receive these tickets have the right to contest the officer’s findings. They can begin this process by formally requesting an appeal. To do this, a driver must follow the instructions located on the ticket.

On the court date, a driver has the options to plead not guilty, to plead guilty, or to plead guilty with an explanation. Pleading not guilty will create a new date to formally contest the charges. Here, a driver can present evidence as to why they were not speeding and cross-examine the officer who issued the ticket. A College Park attorney could help clients to request and attend these sessions.

A successful hearing will result in the court dismissing the ticket and a driver is free to go. Even a guilty finding may offer a driver an opportunity to submit to probation before judgment. This can give a driver the chance to attend a safe driving course to annul the ticket. A College Park speeding lawyer could work with clients to identify reasonable goals and to fight for them in court.

Speak to a College Park Speeding Attorney Today

Speeding is a fairly common activity that most of us do. Still, this does not mean that we are not violating the law. Police officers can pull a driver over for even one mile per hour over the posted speed limits. In addition, an officer can also make a stop if, in their opinion, a driver is moving at an unsafe rate of speed, even if this is below posted limits.

Drivers who receive speeding tickets do not need to accept the officer’s opinion as fact. All drivers have the right to request a court date to contest their tickets. A successful appeal could result in the court dismissing the ticket or offering a driver a probationary period. A College Park speeding lawyer could help you to protect your wallet and your clean driving record. Contact a lawyer today as the time limit to request an appeal following a speeding ticket is short.

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