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Columbia Restricted License Lawyer

In some cases, individuals with a suspended license may be eligible to receive a restricted license that allows them certain, limited driving privileges. With that said, there are a number of steps involved in the legal process for getting a restricted license, which make it important that a traffic attorney in Columbia is contacted immediately. An experienced Columbia restricted license lawyer can help walk you through the steps that need to be taken to ensure your restricted license is granted.

Defining a Restricted License

If an individual’s license is suspended, they may be eligible for a restricted license. A restricted license will permit the individual to drive for a certain period of days. For instance, an individual’s driving privileges will be limited to driving only to and from work or school, and during the course of employment. A Columbia restricted license lawyer will be able to request a hearing at the Office of Administrative Hearings, and make arguments on the individual’s behalf as to why it is necessary or would be extremely beneficial for them to have access to a vehicle during their suspension period.

A person can obtain a restricted license by requesting a hearing at the Office of Administrative Hearings, and making arguments before an administrative judge. If an individual’s license has been suspended due to a DUI, they should be able to prove that they are currently enrolled in, or completed an alcohol treatment program. An individual could then request that the administrative law judge approve their restriction only for driving to and from their place of employment and any court ordered programs.

Removing the Restrictions

After an individual’s driving restriction period has ended, or when they believe that they are eligible to have the restriction removed, they will need to contact the MVA division that was responsible for the restriction to have it removed. Upon an individual’s inquiry, they should provide the MVA division with their full name, date of birth, current mailing address, and driver’s license number.

If the Administrative Adjudication Division or an MVA branch office ordered the restriction, they will usually tell the individual of their decision when they bring the appropriate materials to the counter. If the removal request is approved, they can apply for a corrected driver’s license at any MVA office. The new license will no longer display a restriction code on the bottom right corner. There is no fee for removing the driving restriction.

Penalties for a Violation

If an individual does not comply with the restriction rules, their license will be suspended or revoked. The period of suspension or revocation depends upon whether or not the restriction is alcohol related. If the restriction is alcohol related, the Administrative Adjudication Division of the MVA will move to suspend or revoke the license immediately, sometimes before an individual pays the fine or appears before the District Court. It is best for an individual to consult with an experienced Columbia restricted license lawyer to determine how to best proceed with their case.

If the restriction is not alcohol related, the Administrative Adjudication Division will take action on an individual’s license only after it receives information from one of the Maryland District Courts that the fine was paid, there had been an admission of guilt, or the individual had been found guilty by the judge.

Benefits of an Attorney

It is essential for a person to have a restricted license lawyer in Columbia by their side when they are at risk of getting their license suspended due to a DUI, as it may be difficult to navigate through the corresponding law. A lawyer who knows the proper procedure for obtaining a restricted license may be able to help the person obtain a restricted license immediately after their DUI arrest.