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Dorchester County Courthouses

The Dorchester County Circuit Court is the primary venue for all Dorchester Country criminal trials. In addition, the court handles complex civil cases, in addition to juvenile and family law matters. Any jury trials in the Dorchester area will be handled by the circuit court.

Hours of Operation and Directions to the Court

The court is open between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. during the weekdays, with the exception of legal holidays. However, individuals who have business before the court should be certain to arrive sufficiently before 4:30 p.m. so that they can successfully complete any business they may have. The court is located at 206 High St., Cambridge, Md., and parking is accessible from Court Lane. Individuals traveling to the court can access Court Lane from Gay Street or High Street. The court can be reached at 410-228-0481 during normal business hours, and the mailing address for the clerk of the court is: 206 High Street, P.O. Box 150 Cambridge, MD 21613 In addition, any correspondence intended for a specific judge or court department must include that individual’s name and position on the letter or package.

Preparing for a Court Case

Individuals intending to transact business before the court should ensure that they dress and behave appropriately while at the court. This is especially important for witnesses or defendants who are appearing in a criminal trial. Furthermore, all participants in the trial should allow sufficient time to arrive at the court before their courtroom appointment. If you anticipate being later than the scheduled time for whatever reason it is absolutely critical that you contact the court office as soon as possible.  Otherwise, you may be assessed with a failure to appear charge to add to your other worries.

Appropriate Court Dress and Possessions

Business attire is recommended for all visitors to the court. If this is not possible, then you should be certain to wear neat and clean clothes. Casual wear is generally not appropriate, especially for individuals who are participating in a criminal trial. In addition, pocketknives, chains and other items that can be used as weapons are strictly forbidden by the court. Electronic equipment, such as cell phones, PDAs or tablet computers may or may not be allowed in the courthouse.

For this reason, anyone considering bringing these devices should contact the clerk of the court ahead of time in order to determine if they will be permitted in the courtroom. Even if they are permitted, electronic devices should be turned off or silenced during a court session in order to avoid disrupting the business of the court. Finally, anyone entering the court will be subject to search at the discretion of the officers of the court. In light of all this, a general piece of advice is that it’s wise to bring only those materials that will be needed in the courtroom.

Appropriate Court Behavior

Out of respect for the court, visitors and participants are expected to behave in a way that will not disrupt the business of the court. The officers of the court will not tolerate vulgarity or other disruptive behavior, and individuals who engage in this behavior may find themselves cited for contempt of court. Additionally, individual judges may have their own specific guidelines for acceptable behavior in their courtroom. Those who are facing a criminal trial in the Dorchester County Circuit Court should be certain to have legal representation.

A criminal defense attorney is familiar with the policies and customs of the court and can thus ensure that his or her client’s case is handled as effectively as possible. By working with a skilled Dorchester County defense attorney, the client can maximize the probability of seeing his or her case resolved in a favorable manner. To learn more about the services provided by our Dorchester criminal lawyers, please click this link. A courtroom can be a frightening and strange place for someone with no legal background, but the assistance of a skilled attorney can help defendants prepare their case and themselves well before standing before a judge or jury.  If you’ve been accused of a crime anywhere in Dorchester County, start preparing yourself for the charges by calling our Maryland defense attorneys for a free case consultation.

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