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Dorchester County DUI Attorney

If you are pulled over and arrested for driving under the influence it is important you consult with a Dorchester County DUI lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your case. Penalties for DUI can be severe and include everything from fines and license points, to jail time in certain cases. For this reason, it is important you take your charge seriously and contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Call today and schedule a free consultation to discuss your case with a DUI lawyer in Maryland.

DUI Consequences in Dorchester County

It’s easy to think you may be out of options when facing DUI charges in Dorchester County, MD. After all, the consequences can be severe. You may end up with a suspended driver’s licenses or have it revoked entirely. Steep fines can wipe out your savings account. Points against your license can result in huge insurance premium increases, which may put driving out of reach for you. You can even lose your job – or find it hard to get a new one, since no employer wants its employees to have criminal records. This may still be the case even if you are found guilty of only one offense. When you are first arrested for DUI, seek out an experienced Dorchester county DUI attorney who can help you fight the charges you face.

Consult With a Dorchester County DUI Lawyer

Are you under the impression that your case is a hopeless cause? You may not be aware of it right now, but there are many options an attorney can pursue to resolve the situation. One of the most common ways Dorchester County DUI attorneys fight for your cause is by requesting that you be able to plea to a lesser charge. They can also examine sentencing options like Probation Before Judgment (PBJ). If you are granted a PBJ, all you need to do is successfully complete the terms of your probation. After that, you’ll end up with a clean criminal record.
Other times, an attorney could recommend that your DUI charge be challenged in court with a jury trial. Your counsel will work towards an acquittal with every ounce of legal knowledge they possess. But in order to know if this is the right option for you, your attorney needs to review the details of your case.
Our Dorchester County DUI lawyers are available for a free consultation. Call our law offices today to speak to a member of our friendly legal support team. With our resources, skills, and experience, we have what it takes to offer you an outstanding defense.

Dorchester County Courthouse

If you have been formally charged with a DUI or another alcohol-related traffic violation in Dorchester County, your case will likely be heard at the Dorchester County Circuit Court at 206 High St. in Cambridge, Maryland. The county administrative judge is the Honorable Brett W. Wilson. For more information about the court, including its operating hours, please call them directly at (410) 228-6300. Parking is available behind the courthouse, but the lot may fill up and we recommend that you leave enough time in your itinerary to find other parking options.


From Baltimore/Annapolis: Begin by taking I-695 towards the Key Bridge. Get onto Route 97 via Exit 4 and continue for 18 miles. Take the exit ramp for US-50, and continue until you cross the Bay Bridge. Take US-50 until you reach Cambridge. Turn right onto Maryland Avenue, then continue over the bridge and take another right onto Spring Street. The courthouse will be on the right-hand side. The county parking lot may be accessed from Court Lane or High Street.
From points north: Take I-95 towards International Airport. Take Exit 11 towards I-495/Baltimore. Take Exit 4A and the sharp exit towards Christiana Mall Road. Continue to US-13 towards SR-1/Seashore points. Take a right at Exit 136 on the ramp toward Middletown. You will eventually see signs for US-301 [SR-299]. Take a ramp for SR-213, then turn left. Take a left at the first traffic light onto Route 50. The rest of the directions will be the same as they are from Baltimore.

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