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Ellicott City Solicitation Lawyer

Prostitution is the act of hiring someone for sexual favors. The payment can include anything of value. “Sexual favors” covers a large range of activities. The mere act of requesting the prostitution service is a crime. It does not matter if the person asked for sex is a prostitute or if that person denies the request.

If the police have accused you of solicitation, you may be nervous about what comes next. In lieu of being fearful about the future, reach out to an Ellicott City solicitation lawyer who may be able to help you develop an aggressive plan of defense.

Just because the government is pursuing charges against you does not mean you have no hope. A hard-working defense attorney could explain what may happen and how you might best protect your reputation and freedom.

Solicitation Laws in Ellicott City

The Code of Maryland defines solicitation as “urging, advising, inducing, encouraging, requesting, or commanding another” to perform a prohibited sexual favor in exchange for something of value, as found in Criminal Law §11-301. Since this definition is so broad, police have a wide range of discretion when arresting people for soliciting a prostitute. As noted earlier, the person asked does not have to be a prostitute. What is required is just that the police witness some act that they interpret as a request for sex. No matter what circumstances led the accused to be facing solicitation charges, individuals are advised to speak with an Ellicott City attorney for help.

Reasons for Solicitation Arrests

The broad nature of the law means that the police could interpret an innocent wave to another person in certain areas as an invitation or entering a building with another person. In certain cases, the police will have undercover officers who pretend to be prostitutes to catch people requesting their services.

The police may also use other methods to catch people in the act of solicitation. The government might set up websites or use advertisements to lure an alleged solicitor into requesting a meeting.

Once the police are satisfied they have caught someone engaging in some illegal behavior, the police can arrest that person. At that point, it is up the detained person to defend against any charges. Defendants of solicitation are recommended to speak with an Ellicott City attorney to learn their rights.

Penalties for Solicitation

The law states that a person may not knowingly secure or request some form of prostitution or offer to do so for another person, as described in Criminal Law §11-306. If a judge finds a person guilty of that act, that is a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail and a fine of at least $500.

Speak with an Ellicott City Solicitation Attorney

Even if you are not aware of why the police arrested you, you may still be at risk for a solicitation charge. It is vital that you protect yourself. It may be damaging to your reputation if you are accused of requesting sex for money. On top of that, there is the risk of prison time or fines.

Speak with an Ellicott City solicitation lawyer to learn about your options. You may have some options which may help minimize or avoid any negative fallout. Call a lawyer today to learn more about the laws and possible outcomes. It is your case and your future. Take matters into your own hands as you arm yourself with knowledge.