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Ellicott City Gun Lawyer

Questions concerning the freedom to own guns are undoubtedly among the most hotly contested issues in modern society.
The Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States was drafted as a means to safeguard this right, but that is not to suggest that the citizenry’s ability to keep and bear firearms is unlimited.

Maryland has asserted its considerable authority over this realm of conduct, imposing a series of restrictions related to guns and their use. If you are accused of violating provisions pertaining to such weapons in Maryland, an Ellicott City gun lawyer can help. Speak with an experienced criminal attorney right away. En Español.

Common Maryland Gun Charges

The overarching protections of the Second Amendment notwithstanding, Maryland can and does place limits on the ability to keep and bear arms, and it makes good sense for residents and even visitors to recognize the severe penalties that can be applied on those convicted of running afoul of these laws.
Gun crime defendants in Maryland being charged pursuant to provisions of Md. Code Ann., Crim. Law §4-201, et seq., may be accused of offenses that include:

  • Concealed carrying of a weapon
  • Unlawfully discharging a weapon
  • Bringing a gun onto school grounds
  • Minor in possession of firearm
  • Possession of a high-capacity magazine
  • Trafficking in weapons
  • Illegal purchase of a firearm
  • Felon in possession of firearms
  • Use of gun in commission of another crime

In most circumstances, it is even a crime to wear, carry or transport any handgun in the absence of necessary permits, anywhere outside the confines of the home. The only exceptions are those pertaining to correctional and peace officers as well as military members who are on duty. There can be no doubt that Maryland takes gun control very seriously.

Penalties Associated with Firearm Offense Convictions

The spectrum of punishments applicable to Maryland gun offenders is relatively vast, and the sanctions available to judges regularly overlap and are intertwined with those provided by federal gun control statutes. Violations of Maryland law alone can bring incarceration that lasts for decades, along with ancillary consequences such as:

  • Onerous fines and court fees
  • Employment loss
  • Revocation of gun ownership rights
  • Potential deportation
  • Denial or revocation of professional licenses
  • Criminal record that lasts a lifetime

Possible Defense Tactics for Gun Charge Cases

The issuance of a gun charge in Maryland is never an appealing prospect, and those accused of violations in this category need to quickly appreciate just how much is at stake.
The good news is that there are often several effective strategies that an experienced attorney can employ, including arguments related to unconstitutional search and seizure, those involving self-defense or duress and other theories that stem from the specific facts at hand.

Seeking Help from an Ellicott City Gun Attorney

As is true with all criminal matters, however, the sooner the aid of a seasoned lawyer is sought, the stronger the likelihood of obtaining the best outcome possible.
Legislators in Maryland have explicitly expressed the belief that greater regulation and enforcement of gun laws are crucial steps toward stemming the tide of violent crime. It must be remembered, though, that prosecutors in Maryland are always required to establish each element of a criminal offense beyond a reasonable doubt.
A knowledgeable Ellicott City gun lawyer is prepared to examine the facts in your case, marshal critical evidence and mount a strenuous defense on your behalf.