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Best Maryland Criminal Lawyer

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How do I find the best Maryland criminal lawyer for me?

For someone charged with a misdemeanor or felony in Maryland, the prospect of a criminal conviction can be terrifying. Whether you are facing a short stint in county jail or a lengthy prison sentence, any time behind bars takes you away from your family, your friends, and your career. With the help of a skilled Maryland criminal lawyer, you can defend against the criminal charge and fight for a successful outcome to your case. To avoid a criminal conviction or to minimize the impact, you want to find a defense attorney who will provide quality legal representation. You may search for recommendations and reviews to help you find a Maryland criminal lawyer, but no defense attorney is perfect for everyone. The best criminal lawyer in Maryland is the one whose legal services suit your specific defense needs. There are some specific criteria you can evaluate to help you determine which criminal lawyer is right for you.


A novice lawyer is not necessarily a bad lawyer. In fact, a new attorney might have exceptional knowledge of the law. However, the fullest understanding of the workings of the criminal justice system can only come through experience. A seasoned Maryland criminal lawyer who has appeared before numerous judges and logged countless courtroom hours has first-hand knowledge of the predispositions of court officials and of the unspoken rules of the local Maryland District Courts. This allows the attorney to cast your case in a positive light, avoid surprises by the prosecution, and negotiate acceptable plea and sentencing arrangements. Look for an attorney whose experience is reflected in a proven record of successful defense.


An experienced Maryland criminal lawyer is likely to have earned a name in the local District Court. If the attorney is well-respected by judges, prosecutors, and other defense lawyers, it is a testament to his or her commitment to excellence. This reputation for knowledge, skill, success, and integrity often spreads to the local media. If the media frequently turns to a specific attorney for commentary on legal issues in the community, it shows that the attorney is held in high regard, trusted to accurately and clearly explain relevant criminal law. When an attorney is called upon as a legal advisor for local news stories, that indicates that members of the media consider him or her to be among the best criminal lawyers in Maryland.


A criminal lawyer in Maryland should demonstrate professionalism in his or her work through maintaining memberships in professional criminal defense organizations, such as the National College for DUI Defense, and continuing education in legal issues pertaining to criminal law. Furthermore, an attorney should be recognized as a superior Maryland criminal lawyer if he or she have received consistently high ratings from organizations such as AVVO and Martindale Hubbel.

A good rapport is necessary in establishing the positive attorney-client relationship crucial to the success of any criminal defense. Begin your search for the best Maryland criminal attorney for your specific needs by finding an experienced defense attorney whose reputation for integrity and professionalism underscore his or her work. A free consultation with an attorney who exhibits the qualities you want in a Maryland criminal lawyer can go a long way toward helping you choose legal counsel with which you feel comfortable.