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Criminal Lawyer Maryland

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How do I find a criminal lawyer in Maryland?

Being charged with a crime in Maryland can be a stressful situation as you try to protect yourself and your family from the possible consequences of a criminal conviction. You probably have a number of questions about your misdemeanor or felony charge and the legal process you are about to face. Those questions can be adequately answered by a skilled criminal lawyer in Maryland, which means at the outset, your first priority should be finding a defense attorney to handle your case. When you know that an attorney can answer the questions pertaining to your case, you are left with only one question: “How do I find a Maryland criminal lawyer?” Fortunately, that question is also easily answered if you focus your search on a few key characteristics.


Hiring a criminal lawyer in Maryland should never be based on price alone. However, for most people, cost is an important consideration. Rather than simply looking for a defense lawyer who offers the lowest rates, look for an attorney who offers the valuable legal services you need at a price that is agreeable. An affordable Maryland criminal lawyer may offer payment solutions such as a free initial consultation, a flat-rate defense package, all-inclusive pricing that helps you avoid unexpected expenses for necessary services, and payment plans that allow you to pay over time. An attorney who offers the lowest rates may not have the experience or the successful record needed to adequately defend you; conversely, an attorney with the highest fees may have such a busy practice that he or she is not able to devote adequate care and attention to your case. When trying to find a criminal attorney in Maryland, look for one who balances cost and service to provide an affordable defense.


The legal profession is a vast and varied field. To find a lawyer in Maryland who can handle your case, look for one who has specific knowledge in criminal law. Such an attorney will likely belong to professional organizations that demonstrate his or her abilities in the field of criminal defense. To know if a potential attorney is considered knowledgeable in the field, look at local crime news stories to see who the media trusts as a legal authority about criminal matters. Criminal lawyers in Maryland who are repeatedly interviewed to provide insight into community and national legal issues are trusted to inject each story with clarity and accuracy. This is a great indicator that those attorneys are trustworthy.


Find a criminal attorney in Maryland who has the experience to represent you before the Maryland District Court. When legal knowledge is combined with years of first-hand experience, your defense is strengthened. A criminal attorney in Maryland with a proven record of successful defense can offer the knowledge, skill, and confidence needed to win your case. With experience comes an understanding of the tendencies of judges and prosecutors. A seasoned criminal defense attorney can anticipate and work with these propensities to gain the best possible outcome to your case.

If you have been charged with a crime, you understand that your best option for defense is hiring a criminal attorney in Maryland. By looking for an attorney who offers quality defense at reasonable rates, you can find a criminal lawyer in Maryland who will guide you and protect you through the legal process.