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When Should I Hire a Lawyer During The Course of a Criminal Investigation?

Kush: It’s important for you to hire a lawyer the minute that you feel like you’re being investigated for something. Most of the time, people don’t know about an investigation or don’t need to hire a criminal lawyer until they’ve actually been arrested or formally charged with something. That’s generally the time that most people learn that they have a criminal case against them. But in other circumstances, people do get notified that they’re being investigated for something or have an idea that they might be facing criminal charges and in those circumstances it is equally as important to get an attorney in advance of being charged. So often people are questioned by police or approached by officers and volunteer information having never had the opportunity to speak to an attorney beforehand. They often make mistakes and give up information that, had they consulted with an experienced criminal lawyer, they would have been advised never to share that information with the party that was seeking it. Hiring an attorney immediately upon learning that you’re under investigation for something is extremely important in making sure that you protect your rights and potentially put a stop to what could be a very weak investigation on the part of whichever party is seeking information from you.
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