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How Are DUI Cases Handled in Frederick County?

Driving under the influence in Maryland is a serious charge with serious repercussions. As a result, it is in the best interest of those charged to know how their case is likely to be handled by prosecutors and judges within the court system. The following is information on what you can expect if you’ve been charged with DUI in Frederick County. Schedule a free consultation with a Frederick County DUI lawyer to learn more.

About DUI cases in Frederick County, MD

Frederick County is probably one of the more conservative counties in the State of Maryland. The Frederick County district court is an all-inclusive building, meaning that the district and circuit court are all on the same building. The district court is a beautiful courthouse and the judges sitting on those benches have been there for years. They take DUI Charges very, very seriously. DUI cases are and always will continue to be taken seriously everywhere, but areas with a little bit more of a blue collar population tend to enforce DUIs at a higher rate than some other counties in Maryland. What you have to understand is that if you get a DUI in Frederick County, there’s a little bit more personalized attention than there might be in other places across the state. These cases will not be as widespread as, for instance, Baltimore County, where you have one district court in a very large county.
In terms of population, Frederick County is a very small county. So, if you get charged with a DUI, you really do want to have the ability to have an attorney by your side who knows exactly how things work throughout the district court. There are very important things that need to be shown in a DUI, especially in first-offense cases. So if you’ve been arrested, it’s incredibly important to call an attorney right away.

How are Prosecuted in Frederick?

DUIs are always prosecuted very, very seriously, and counties spend so much money on all those commercial billboards warning citizens of the consequences of driving under the influence and driving while impaired. Local police departments often have their officer in the commercial or billboard, claiming they are “always watching.”
They stay true to that statement regarding their DUI enforcement. If they’re going to spend that much money to deter people from driving under the influence, it should come as no surprise that they’re going to spend just as much money to get a great deal of manpower on the streets so that they can crack down on DUIs. Unfortunately, this sometimes results in innocent people being caught in the net. No matter the circumstances of your case, an attorney can work with you to minimize the negative impact on your life.

DUI Roadblocks Common In Frederick County

DUI roadblocks are consistent throughout most counties. Frederick County law enforcement are not really notorious for using a lot of DUI checkpoints, although you will see them during some holiday weekends. You’ll find them in random locations, but Market Street is probably one of the busiest streets where you may find these roadblocks and checkpoints. They are also more popular during the summer months as people come down to the area.

Speak with a DUI Lawyer

If you have a question about the court process for DUI charges in Frederick County, MD, or if you would like to get a better understanding of how the law applies to your charges, contact a DUI lawyer in Frederick County, MD right away. The attorneys at our firm are standing by to help.

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