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Frederick County Robbery Lawyer

Robbery is the theft or attempted theft through the use of some kind of force or threat of force. The consequences of robbery could include decades of incarceration, supervised probation for up to five years, and significant fines which might be imposed against the person by the court system. As a result of these serious penalties and the fact that a robbery conviction will stay on your record it is imperative those accused consult with a Frederick County robbery lawyer as soon as they are accused. An experienced theft attorney can assist in building a strong defense and ensuring that the individual’s rights are protected throughout the entirety of the legal process. En Español.

Elements of Robbery

In order for prosecutors to prove a person committed robbery, they simply need to prove that the individual tried to steal something or did steal something by way of the use of force or threat of force.

Robbery Penalties

Robbery is a felony offense and is among the most serious criminal charges which can be brought in the Maryland courts. Due to its felony status, those accused of robbery are facing consequences of a very serious nature, such as incarceration and lengthy periods of probation. In addition to these short-term penalties, however, a conviction could also mean a person finds themselves with collateral consequences such as the inability to apply for certain kinds of licenses, live in certain communities, work in certain kinds of employment, vote, or own weapons. With these severe penalties in mind, it becomes imperative that an experienced robbery attorney in Frederick County is contacted as soon as possible.

Building a Defense

In Frederick County, it is important to work with counsel who has dealt with many other kinds of criminal cases before, and particularly with many kinds of robbery cases before.
Robbery is really nothing more than a theft by way of some kind of force or threat of force. Therefore, when a person is charged with a robbery offense, they should look for an experienced Frederick County robbery lawyer. A lawyer who has experience handling these kinds of cases, is experienced with jury trials, has experience working in the circuit court system, and investigating cases of this magnitude are extremely important when choosing who to represent you in court.

How An Attorney Can Help

A Frederick County robbery attorney will try to leverage their experience by making sure that they know more than the prosecutor knows at any given point. This means the defense needs to conduct their own investigation into any criminal charges being brought and speaking to as many witnesses as they possibly can to make sure the defense recognizes what is being alleged and what the prosecutor might need to prove in order to try to move forward on the criminal charges against the defendant.

Frederick County Robbery Lawyer