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Building a Frederick County Robbery Defense

When a robbery attorney is preparing for a robbery case, they will examine the evidence, and determine the best course of action. They will talk to their client and evaluate the prosecutor’s statements and evidence. As they begin building a Frederick County robbery defense, they will prepare their client for a deposition and determine if there are any constitutional issues that could impact the case.

Preparing for Trial

A criminal lawyer explores all of the information and discovery that is provided to them. They make determinations about the role of the client during the course of the trial beyond the investigation and preparation stage. For example, when the client wants to testify during the trial, the attorney assists them in preparing for proper demeanor in court, the proper way to answer questions, and makes sure the client is comfortable with the court procedures before they set foot in a courtroom to testify with respect to the criminal allegations against them.

Deposition During Procedures

Depositions are rare in criminal cases. When there is a request to depose the criminal defendant; their lawyer rejects the deposition and files a motion to quash any requests by the government for a deposition. Under the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution, the person has an absolute right to not testify and not participate in any deposition during criminal procedures.

Preparing Evidence

When a person faces these charges, they should make sure they work with a law firm equipped to handle the magnitude of the case. These are felony charges and are quite serious. The case can continue for several months and may have many constitutional issues that must be litigated on the person’s behalf when charged with an offense of this nature. In addition, the person wants to work with a law firm that has good recommendations for qualified staff who can conduct investigations. That can include former police officers or agents who understand the workings of the investigation and can identify problems in the protocol and the way the investigations and evidence collection were conducted by the government.

Hiring an Attorney

A person facing robbery charges in Maryland should look for somebody with experience handling these types of cases and the knowledge of the particular area where the case is heard. The lawyer should know the judge and the prosecutors as well as any attitude they bring to the court system with respect to these charges and the kinds of issues the lawyer intends to raise and litigate in the court system.
A person always has the right to constitutionally represent themselves in any criminal proceeding. However, there are huge risks to discourage a person from taking that route. Robbery cases have consequences that can be significant. A person faces decades of imprisonment if convicted under such a criminal charge. An attorney experienced in these cases can see things that an untrained individual cannot see. Even when a person believes the evidence or case against them is unsupported, they should speak with a criminal attorney who handles these types of cases to make sure the suspicions the person has about the strength of the government’s case are, in fact, true.

Benefits of a Lawyer

The defense attorney can assist the person in identifying all aspects of the criminal case brought against them; find legal issues resulting from the investigation, and challenge the legal issues and evidence on their client’s behalf to ensure they have the best possible defense and obtain the best results in their case.
Usually, a lawyer speaks with their client to get a full understanding of the case and the entire version of events as it pertains to the client. The lawyer makes a list of the appropriate witnesses to be interviewed and potentially subpoenaed. They identify any photographs that should be taken or other investigation to conduct with respect to the case. They request copies of all police reports, evidence, other surveillance, and identify the prosecutor presiding over the case to begin a dialogue about the criminal charges.
Sometimes, a lawyer handles small aspects of the investigation themselves. Usually, private investigators are employed because of their expertise in these kinds of cases.

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