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Germantown DUI Lawyer

If you have been charged with DUI or DWI in Germantown, MD, there are a number of serious repercussions that you might be facing. From license suspension, to the loss of government security clearances, to serious fines and jail time, the consequences can be severe. Work with a Germantown DUI lawyer today if you want to learn how to handle your charges properly.

Montgomery County prosecutors dedicate themselves to pushing for harsh penalties on those that are charged with alcohol- and drug-related driving violations. Even if a person who is pulled over does not have a blood alcohol level above the illegal limit, they can still be charged with a less severe violation if the officer can detect impairment. However, a knowledgeable Germantown criminal lawyer can analyze the facts of your DUI case and help you to understand potential strategies to address the charges against you.

Facing DUI Charges in Germantown

Located in Montgomery County, MD, Germantown’s close proximity to DC makes it a desirable location for commuters to live. This makes it an easy place for police to stop cars coming home from post-work happy hours and weekend enjoyment. Regardless of the circumstances of your DUI stop, the defense attorneys at our firm understand how to investigate and litigate these sorts of cases.

Whether you’re looking to appeal your administrative license suspension by attending an MVA hearing with your lawyer, or you are interested in pursuing a dismissal or pleading to a lesser charge, our legal team can work with you in the interest of achieving your goals. The Germantown DUI attorneys at our firm believe that each case is as unique as the client involved, and we’re here to fight for the outcomes that fit our clients’ needs best.

MD DUI Charges and Consequences

The Maryland Transportation Code outlines the alcohol-related driving offenses that a person can be charged with. A DUI is classified as driving a vehicle or attempting to drive a vehicle while one’s blood alcohol level is 0.08 percent or higher. This is different from a DWI which is charged when a person appears (or is shown to be) impaired, but may not have a high enough blood alcohol level to be charged with a DUI. A DUI can also apply to a person who is driving under the influence of illicit and prescription medication. A trained DUI attorney in Germantown can review the facts of your case, explain the charges you’re facing, and review important defense strategies that are suited to your situation impaired.

Driving under the influence (DUI), driving while (DWI), and driving with drug related influences, all come with a long list of potential consequences that can have a tremendous effect on a person’s future. These consequences can include jail time, financial penalties, probation and the loss of driving privileges. Non-court related consequences that may occur if a case is not handled effectively, including the loss of security clearances and employment opportunities. An aggressive DUI lawyer in Maryland can help protect your rights and workto ensure that your future is protected.

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You don’t have to handle serious DUI charges on your own—our Germantown attorneys are available to assist you. Call our Montgomery County law offices and speak with a member of our friendly legal team, who can conduct your initial consultation free of charge.

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