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Harford County Courthouses

The Circuit Court for Harford County, Maryland is located at 20 West Courtland St., in Bel Air. The Circuit Court hears all types of civil and criminal cases including DUI, drug charges, assault charges and more. The Circuit Court is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, except on scheduled legal holidays. Information concerning cases can be obtained by calling 410-638-3426.

Directions to the Circuit Court

From I-95 just North of Baltimore, take exit 77 B (Bel Air exit), and head west for five miles on Maryland Route 24. At Baltimore Pike (Route 1) turn left, and travel two miles to Main Street (Route 924). Travel one block and turn left on W. Courtland St. The Circuit Court building will be on the right. Street parking is available along with a paid parking lot on the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and Hickory Street.

Harford County District Court

In addition to the Circuit Court, Harford County also has a District Court located at 2 South Bond St. in Bel Air, Maryland. They handle a variety of misdemeanor cases and certain felonies. Information concerning court cases can be obtained by calling 410-836-4545. For directions to the District Court, while traveling on I-95 north of Baltimore, take the Bel Air exit (77 B). Turn West on Route 24 and travel approximately 5 miles. Turn right (north) on Route 1 (Baltimore Pike) for approximately 2 miles. Next, turn left on Route 924 (Main Street) before turning left on Pennsylvania Avenue and traveling one block. The Harford County Bond Street District Court will be on the left. A fee-based parking lot is located at the rear of the building (Hickory Street & Pennsylvania Avenue) and on the street.

Court Decorum

Decorum in the court is always of the highest priority, and dignity of the justice system is to be respected at all times. Attire worn by counsel, defendants, and spectators needs to be appropriate and restrained. To show a sign of respect for the court system, everyone present in the courtroom, except those that are physically challenged, must rise every time the judge enters or exits, and remain standing.

The presiding judge will invite everyone in the courtroom to be seated. Whenever court is in session, only the judge, counsel and witnesses should be heard speaking aloud. Anytime anyone is addressing the court, when given the opportunity, they are entitled to be fairly and fully heard. This means behavior in the courtroom does not allow for shaking or nodding your head, reading, talking to others, or being otherwise distracting, including making inappropriate facial gestures. Courtesy is respected at all times.

To be properly prepared in the courtroom, you should consider consulting with a skilled Harford County attorney to handle your case. The attorney will help make sure that you adhere to follow proper court procedures and offer experienced representation against the charges you may be up against.  He or she will help you develop an effective trial strategy to give you the best chance of a favorable outcome, will advise you of when to speak and when to remain silent, and will provide the calming influence that comes from having successfully taken charge of cases similar to yours. To learn more about the Harford Criminal Lawyers with Kush Arora Attorney at Law, visit this page here.

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