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Howard County Speed Reading Instruments 

Speeding is one of the more dangerous traffic offenses, which is why it is police officers are vigilant about catching those who speed. There are a variety of Howard County speed reading instruments available to law enforcement to help them catch speeding drivers.

Police officers use radar, pacing, and sometimes they even drive on the side to see how fast a person is going and then pull the person over and give a ticket. Law enforcement will often use any method that they have available to find out how fast the person is going and to give the person a ticket. If you have been pulled over for speeding, an experienced speeding ticket lawyer could help you contest your ticket.

Tools Used to Detect Speeding

One of the more commonly used Howard County speed reading instruments is the radar gun.  Often, police officers have radars attached to their cars. Typically, they will use the radar guns and pacing as well to determine the speed of a driver’s car. Those can always be challenged. There is a lot that can go wrong with a radar gun. It can catch another car. It may catch some electronic gadget in a car and be thrown off. There are lots of things that could happen.

Contesting Radar Readings in Court

A driver can contest a speeding claim by asking questions about the way in which the speeding was recorded, whether the equipment is up to date or not, and if the officer is properly trained in dealing with the speeding instruments. An individual can also ask about the calibration of the machinery.

Accuracy and Errors in Radar Gun Use

The accuracy of Howard County speed reading instruments and the ways in which a person can challenge that accuracy depends on the officer’s competence. It is all case-by-case in how the officer proceeds. Presumably, if the officers know how to properly a radar gun, there should not be much error. The officer should know how to use it properly.


Pacing is when officers drive behind a car that they believe is speeding, checking their speedometer to plot how fast the person in front of them is going. Pacing is admissible evidence of speeding and can be used in court.

Issues With Pacing

Whenever speeding is present is when the officer is following the person at the same speed. From the terms, the officers are speeding, as well. They have to be close to the car in which they are following to keep up to make sure that the person is speeding. This could also lead to accidents, which is something that the officers would not want to participate.

Defenses in Speeding Cases

A person can always argue that the officer’s speedometer was not working properly. As the officer did not see the person’s speedometer, he or she cannot accurately say how fast the person was going. It is based on their observations and car and not from actual observations of the car that is in question. If an individual wants to know more about  Howard County speed reading instruments  and potential defenses in speeding cases, they should speak with an experienced attorney that could help.

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