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Kent County DUI Lawyer

If you have recently received a DUI charge, it is important to understand every aspect of your case before you proceed with organizing a defense. Contact us as soon as possible to learn everything you can about the charge you face as well as the services that our attorneys may be able to provide on your behalf. A Kent County DUI lawyer understands that DUI charges can stem from minor traffic violations, such as running a red light or failing to come to a complete stop at a stop sign. Charges may occur in this manner because the police officer who made the stop has reason to believe that you are intoxicated. However, the nature of the initial stop can be called into question during an investigation; if the officer chose to pull you over for an illegitimate reason, your case might be dropped. To learn more about how to proceed with your case consult with a Maryland DUI lawyer today.

Kent County DUI Stops

If you have been pulled over, it is important to remember that you do not need to share any details of your evening with the officer, even if he is asking you specific questions to that effect. You are not obligated to reveal how many drinks you have had or even admit to drinking at all. In fact, doing so may be counterproductive – you do not want to give police any reason to think you are drunk.
It is common to be asked to perform field sobriety tests – one of these may be a breath alcohol exam. Refusing the exam is an option, but it also means that your driving privileges are automatically suspended. Importantly, failing the exam can bring even worse results – it can mean being hauled down to the county jail on possible DUI charges.

Contacting a Kent County DUI Lawyer

After being stopped for DUI, contact a Kent County DUI attorney as soon as possible to advise you on how much to participate during the course of an investigation. The prosecutors will use everything you say as evidence in your case; by remaining quiet, you give them less ammunition during a trial.
The consequences for DUI charges can add up quickly. They include, but are not limited to, substantial fines, points on your driving record, revocation or suspension of your driving privileges, or even jail time.
Because of the effects they can have on others, DUI charges are prosecuted more aggressively with each additional charge a person receives. The penalties go up exponentially after a second charge and rise with each charge after that as well. If you are a repeat offender, please remember that the stakes are much higher than they have been in the past. Don’t let the penalties associated with a subsequent DUI sneak up on you. Contact us today for more information about your case and the effects it might have on your life moving forward.

Kent County Courthouse

If you are arrested for DUI, your case may go to the judge at Kent County District Court, located at 103 North Cross Street in Chestertown, Maryland. The hours of the court are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. from Monday through Friday. For general information about the court and the proceedings that happen there, you can contact the clerk directly at (410) 778-7460. There is parking available along Cross Street, but it is unwise to count on roadside parking when you have something as important as a court date to get to. Make sure that you leave early enough to allow yourself some time to find alternate parking arrangements.


From the Bay Bridge – Travel east on Route 50. About nine miles after the end of the bridge, you will merge on 301 North towards Wilmington. Drive for six miles then take the exit for Route 213 North Centreville/Chestertown. After 19 miles, you will cross a bridge that will bring you into Chestertown. Turn left at the first light onto Cross Street and the courthouse will be on your left.
If you are coming from the north, take I-95 South and use the exit for Middletown/Route 896 South. Follow Route 896 and merge onto 301. The rest of the directions are the same as they are from the Bay Bridge.

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