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Should I Hire The Cheapest Maryland DUI Lawyer?

A DUI arrest has an immediate impact on your finances through the accumulating expenses related to your DUI case. From towing and impound fees to bail, court costs, and fines, the costs of an arrest and conviction can be surprisingly high. Because an arrest and potential conviction has such a significant financial impact, many defendants try to minimize the expense by hiring a cheap attorney in Maryland.  However, choosing the cheapest Maryland DUI lawyer based on attorney fees alone could jeopardize your case and cost you more in the long run. Rather than looking for cheap representation in Maryland, search for an attorney who provides superior value through a quality DUI defense.

Don’t Just Look For the Cheapest Maryland DUI Lawyer

A Maryland DUI attorney’s fees should be commensurate with the legal services he or she provides. This means that a cheap DUI attorney in Maryland may offer only limited services or may not have the experience necessary to provide skilled defense. You should also avoid any attorney who charges exorbitant rates for minimal service.  Instead, look for an attorney that works with his or her clients to make quality legal representation affordable.

Consult With an Attorney To Discuss Cost and Fee Arrangements

To find out what legal services an attorney provides and at what cost, schedule a meeting with a attorney, like those with our firm, who offers a free initial consultation. This meeting allows the attorney to evaluate your case while also affording you the opportunity to evaluate the lawyer and ask them any questions you might have about your case and possible defense strategies. When you meet for the free consultation, note whether the attorney is prepared for your meeting, asking pertinent questions and providing careful analysis. During this consultation, ask about attorney fees and related costs and make sure you are comfortable with not only the service provided but the rates at which the legal services are offered as well.

Flat Rates, Payment Plans, and Great Service

An experienced attorney understands that costs associated with a DUI arrest are generally unexpected. You should not be hit with unexpected additional expenses from your lawyer. Make sure that the attorney clearly outlines any costs associated with your defense. Look for a lawyer who offers a flat rate for DUI defense and who does not charge extra for MVA hearings or court appearances related to your case. Before signing a retainer agreement with a lawyer, be certain that the agreement explicitly defines the legal services provided and associated expenses.
You can also address budgetary concerns by looking for a Maryland DUI lawyer who offers reasonable payment plans for legal services. An attorney who sets up a convenient method for payment allows you to afford quality defense without unduly straining your finances.
Hiring a cheap attorney in Maryland can jeopardize your case if your decision is based solely on the attorney’s fees. Instead of looking for the cheapest DUI lawyerin Maryland, look for an attorney who offers significant value by making skilled defense affordable.