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Maryland Second Offense DUI Lawyer

The state of Maryland has adopted strict driving laws, particularly when it comes to drunk driving. Your first conviction for driving while impaired (DWI with a blood alcohol content [BAC] of .06 percent) or driving under the influence in Maryland (DUI – BAC of .08 percent) can result in the suspension of your driving privileges and, potentially, jail time. Any repeat violations will naturally result in harsher penalties. A DUI violation can lead to more significant repercussions than a DWI by the nature of its higher legal BAC limit. For a second Maryland DUI offense, you will require the services of a dedicated DUI attorney who has extensive experience defending clients and a proven track record for success.

A DUI violation can lead to more significant repercussions than a DWI by the nature of its higher legal BAC limit. For a second Maryland DUI offense, you will require the services of a dedicated Maryland DUI attorney who has extensive experience defending clients and a proven track record for success.

Maryland DUI and DWI

Maryland has been hard at work to reduce drunk driving and alcohol-related accidents and fatalities–hence, the strict DWI and DUI laws–and those efforts have paid off in slight drops in drunk driving fatalities over the past five years.

The continued efforts of the Maryland MVA and the legal system to combat and prevent drunk driving incidents produce laws in greater numbers and tougher standards. In light of these factors, finding appropriate legal representation if someone is facing a second or subsequent DUI offense is a necessity.

Maryland Laws

When it comes to a second DUI offense, Maryland’s laws and penalties become even more intense. Fines can reach up to $2,000, someone’s license is guaranteed to be suspended for a minimum of one year, and they could face up to two years in jail. Often, for repeat DUI offenders, the Maryland court system will take additional precautions and enforce probationary measures — such as requiring them to install an ignition interlock system, which tests their BAC whenever they attempt to start their car. If someone’s BAC registers positive for alcohol, the ignition system locks and their car will not start. Many systems trigger their vehicle’s alarm as well.

The state may also require enrollment in and completion of alcohol or drug treatment and/or recovery programs. This is generally accompanied by participation in the Drinking Driver Monitor Program (DDMP). The DDMP assigns a monitor to the DUI offender to assist in tracking and reporting their compliance with all terms of their sentence and treatment, in order to both empower and aid the DUI offender as well as provide information to the court as they perform ongoing assessments of the violation and probation.

Benefits of a DUI Lawyer

Given the possibility of such serious penalties and the potential for long-term consequences regarding someone’s ability to obtain security clearances for jobs and clear background investigations for work, it is imperative they obtain well-qualified legal counsel if they are facing a DUI or DWI charge. If it is a second offense, finding the right representation will become even more important due to severe increases in penalties that they will likely face. Our lawyers provide the extensive knowledge and experience necessary to walk them through the many details of a second DUI court case and increase the possibility of a favorable decision.

It is important to remember that many of the penalties discussed earlier are potential penalties. Some courts may impose the harshest penalties possible while others may be open to allow for more lenient terms, or someone’s attorney may be able to arrange a plea agreement for lesser charges if a conviction is inevitable. By hiring aggressive legal counsel with experience in defending against Maryland DUI and MVA law, and substantial experience in court cases related to multiple DUIs, someone is taking an important step toward crafting the best possible defense to protect their rights and reputation. A Maryland DUI attorney has had numerous clients against such charges and has a strong track record for success.

The first time someone is arrested for a DUI can be a frightening experience. The second time is no less stressful. Increased penalties and no free-pass can make the second time even harder. When they are facing a second Maryland DUI offense, they need to have someone on their side who knows the system and knows what options might be available.

DUI Traffic Stops

A person does not have to answer the questions of an officer when they pull them over. When they ask how much they have had to drink or where they are coming from, they are building a case against them. Their investigation begins the moment they see that person driving. Every word and action can be used against them.


From questioning why they pulled them over to reviewing how the arrest and field sobriety testing was handled, a Maryland DUI attorney will ensure someone’s rights have remained protected at every step of the way. If they are charged with a second DUI in Maryland and already have a prior DUI conviction on their record, they could face the following penalties:

  • Up to 2 years in jail
  • Up to $2,000 in fines
  • Possible MVA revocation of driving privileges

In addition to these legal ramifications, a second offense DUI in Maryland can have untold effects on someone’s personal life and even their career. From missing work due to a jail sentence to not being there because they do not have a license, many people have lost their jobs as a consequence of a DUI.

Working with an Attorney

An experienced Maryland DUI attorney knows the issues you are facing and understands you need an advocate in the legal system. Because repeat DUI offenders often feel like no one in the system is on their side, their defense attorney will work harder to achieve a favorable outcome in a client’s case.