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DUI While on Probation in Maryland

Regardless of what an individual is on probation for, being charged with a DUI while on probation is a violation of any Court’s probation because it requires that individual not to be charged with breaking the law. As such, when someone receives a new DUI charge in these kinds of situations, it is extremely important that they reach out to a Maryland DUI attorney because while a violation might be noted, most court systems will not actually find them in violation of their probation unless they are convicted of the new charges. Hiring an attorney will give the individual a chance to avoid those potential consequences.

Typical Probation Conditions in Maryland

Most typical conditions would be to obey all laws. Sometimes there might be community service, completion of an alcohol education program or some other substance abuse program. Perhaps some fines and/or costs are also required.  Those are probably the most common conditions that are received, but above all, obeying all laws is what seems of utmost importance to any Judge who puts someone on probation.

Penalties for Violating Probation

Because an individual is innocent until proven guilty, a simple DUI allegation should not result in a full violation. However if an individual is convicted they will face new sentencing on top of the probation that they are already under.

Some Judges give an individual probation or continue them on probation when they have violated their probation. Those circumstance might be: a person has a very serious charge that they are on probation for, but then they got a new charge that was minor and not really related to the activity that they were originally on probation for. Judges consider that sort of resolution all the time, but it really depends on the individual’s circumstances whether that is going to be appropriate or not for their particular case.

If it is a case of receiving a new DUI while already on probation for a DUI, a Judge is going to take that violation much more seriously as it shows a lack responsibility and a failure to take the initial offense and probation seriously. The sentencing in such a situation would likely be more significant.

Importance of an Attorney

It’s important for an individual to hire an attorney because an attorney is able to find opportunities in their case to potentially have the charges thrown out or to have them acquitted. It is going to be extremely important, particularly in a situation where someone is also looking at additional consequences for violating their probation, that they do everything possible to be acquitted of the charges brought against them. The experience and knowledge of a local attorney with past work on DUI cases, will provide an individual with an opportunity to at least have their penalties mitigated.