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Maryland Federal Identity Theft Attorney

Identity theft is a crime that is a hot button issue widely reported in the media. As a result, coverage and public outrage have risen as more and more individuals, businesses and organizations are affected by it.  Most people associate identity theft with credit card theft wherein a person uses your personal identification information to open a credit card account to make unauthorized purchases.  These unauthorized purchases can have devastating effects on individual lives.  As the number of victims of identity theft crimes increase, law enforcement agencies investigations and the subsequent prosecutions and convictions are not only expected but also are demanded by the general public. The offense of federal identity theft is a serious charge that carries serious penalties and consequences.  If you are accused of federal identity theft, do not wait to contact a competent Maryland federal identity theft lawyer at our firm. We can provide you with the guidance and dedicated legal representation you need in order to defend your rights. Here is information on other federal charges.

What is Federal Identity Theft?

Federal identity theft involves knowingly obtaining the personal information of another by false or deceptive means for personal profit. A person can be convicted of federal identity theft defined under 18 U.S. Code Section 1028, if he or she unlawfully produces, transfers, or possesses identification documents or other authentication features for economic benefit.  A person can also be convicted of federal identity theft if he or she uses or attempts to use equipment to unlawfully make or produce identification documents with the intent to commit a crime or an unlawful act.  Identification documents include social security cards, drivers’ licenses, passports, bank account information and credit cards.  18 U.S. Code Section 1028A defines what the government considers to be an identification documents, authentication features, equipment used to make identification documents and other statutorily related terms falling under the wide classification of federal identity theft.

Potential Penalties Resulting from Conviction

The severity of the penalty you may face if convicted of federal identity theft depends on what type of federal identity theft offense you may have engaged in.  For instance, if you engaged in identity theft concerning unlawfully producing or transferring an identification document such as a birth certificate, you may face up to 15 years in prison and or a fine or both.  The maximum amount of imprisonment you can face if convicted of federal identity theft fraud is 30 years in prison, a fine or both. Contact a member of our Maryland federal identity theft lawyer today to gain a better understanding of the penalties you may be facing based on the facts and circumstances of your case.

Consult an Experienced Maryland Federal Identity Theft Lawyer

Federal Identity theft charges are serious charges that carry harsh penalties and can have long lasting impact on your future employment prospects.  Our team of Maryland identity theft lawyers is committed to providing you with sound and knowledgeable legal advice.  A Maryland federal identity theft lawyer from our firm will exercise the level of care and attention you deserve to face these serious offenses head on.