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Contacting an Attorney During a Maryland Gun Investigation

Contacting an attorney during a Maryland gun investigation is essential when trying to build your case. The biggest issue in gun investigations is that people often wait too long to get in touch with a lawyer. By the time they reach out to an attorney, some damage may have already been done. If you have been charged with a gun offense it is imperative that you speak with an attorney as quickly as possible. A dedicated gun attorney could advocate for you.

How Cooperation With the Police Can Harm a Case

In instances where a person has not reached out to law enforcement soon enough, they might decide to speak with the police to be cooperative. They think they do not have anything to hide if they explain the situation and clear it up, but that is not true. Those things are not true when it comes to investigation.

Ninety percent of the time if the police officer is asking to speak to someone it is because that person has already become the target of an investigation. That officer has already accumulated some other pieces of evidence that is leading that police officer to believe that this person has committed a crime. If the officer is not on some sort of global fact-finding mission, he is looking for a way to catch that person in an inconsistency, a flat out wire, or something else.

Lack of Knowledge as a Disadvantage

A lack of knowledge can be a deadly disadvantage during a gun investigation. People do not understand that they are already at a disadvantage because they do not know what that police officer knows. They have no idea what the body of evidence that officer has already collected when they finally make the decision to go speak to somebody. Innocent people are perfectly capable of doing this too, because they may make an inconsistent statement or the way that they say something enables the officer to basically turn it into an inconsistency. Contacting an attorney during a Maryland gun investigation could help individuals avoid incriminating themselves and put them in a better position to negotiate later.

Importance of Not Interacting With Law Enforcement Without a Lawyer

If you are approached by a police officer and that officer says that they want to talk to you, you can ask why you have been stopped and hear what the officer has to say. At that point, it is best if you stop all further communication with that officer and let them know that you want to speak with your lawyer.

Police officers may try to make you feel bad about refusing to talk to them. They will try to guilt you into speaking with them without an attorney, but it is important for you to maintain your silence. You are well within your rights to stay silent, and you are allowed to stay silent until you can speak with your attorney and decide what your next step should be.

Contacting an attorney during a Maryland gun investigation is the most important thing you could do. Your lawyer could prevent you from incriminating yourself,  advise you on what your legal options are, and help you decide on what course of action works best for you.

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